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The Horrible Drs Naik & Israr
Date: Saturday, 26 June 2010, 1:01 pm

Let me a say a few more things about the charlatan the world knows as ‘legendary’ Dr. Zakir Naik:

Death punishment for Apostate


Dr. Zakir Naik is wrong! The Qur'an does not prescribe death penalty for any apostate--but ALL 5 madhabs ( 4 Sunni + one Shia) do. Dr. Zakir Naik agrees with mullahs. Is he any different than them?

Here is another video:


This video is irrefutable evidence that Dr. Zakir Naik justifies Saudi Arabia's law of not allowing building of any churches/synagogues around. Let me ask: Why he--and the Saudi scholars—are so afraid of other religions? Why do they feel so insecure? If Islam is Haqq (truth)--and I believe it is--than why we cannot allow other human beings to follow their own religions--especially when churches and synagogues are, according to the Qur'an, places where God's name is mentioned!

Just yesterday, I saw a feature about the Hindu’s not being able to have/build their “shamshaan ghaat” for handling their dead according to the Hindu rituals in the Khaibar Pakhtoonkhawa province; they are compelled to bury their dead in a Muslim cemetery in Dera Ismail Khan! Is that what “No compulsion in the religion” means???

I am trying to find a video of Dr. Zakir Naik that depicts his views on stoning punishment for adultery that I remember having seen (now-a-days, for one reason or anther, a lot of old videos are being taken off the cyber world). But please know that again ALL 5 religions have this horrible stoning law in their Shar'ia and I have not seen a single instance where Dr. Zakir Naik ever differed from traditional “ulema”. Many major Ulema are—as they should be—against terrorism and suicide bombing but even those seem to add “so what, there is terrorism in other countries/religions as well”. As Dr. Naik puts it “Hitler killed 6 million Jews and he was a Christian etc”. This is a strange logic which is accepted without question. Hitler did not kill Jews under any religious edict or conviction. We do not find much of Jesus in his life.

You can also listen to Dr. Israr Ahmed –another so-called “great scholar” of Islam who points out that ALL Qadianis should have been killed when they were declared non-Muslims!! Please go to.


The real Islam is not by ‘terrific memory” and going around lecturing to the choir—it is by diligent study of the Qur’an and preaching of its true precepts and there are plenty of arguments there in favor of “No compulsion”, “No stoning for adultery”, and “All life is sacred and do not take it except in justice’.

But both Drs—Zakir Naik and Israr Ahmed are Qur’an-illiterate. They are stark idiots—doing much more damage to Islam than the “non-Muslims” can ever imagine.


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