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Re: Why not an amalgamation?
By:dana whitaker
Date: Friday, 25 June 2010, 5:07 am
In Response To: Why not an amalgamation? (abby)

Abby stated - 'I am lost in the facts that we claim to have the Best Religion, of which I am certain. Then I after I looked deeply into Islam I noticed several problems:
1) Just like the Christians and the Jews the Moslems have so many separated groups.
2) The Christians follow Jesus, the Jews follow Moses and the Moslems follow Mohammad and all other prophets, instead of all of them just following the Scriptures, and not the Prophets.
3) Why so much emphasis on the life of the Prophets, I believe that I should respect them equally as it is mentioned in The Book. Why so much interest in their lives, they were humans just like me, they were blessed and rewarded for what they did and perhaps chastised for what they did not.


It has been discussed on numerous occasions that Islam is not a Religion. In fact Islam is a Challenge to Religion. In that Islam is a System of Living a Way of Life based on building a Social Structure
built on the foundations of Freedom Justice and Equality. Islam is not about Worship nor Prayer is it an Act of Becoming - An Act of Doing Constructive Deeds in the Society which benefits the least amongst us. Muslims in fact follow The Divine Laws in The Quran and not a Man. The more that we give to one another the more we grow our Self our Nafs.


4) Just like any of the mainstream religious groups the Moslems spend enormous amount of money in building incredibly expensive mosques, just like all other religious groups. Just consider how many starving Moslems could be helped by spending less on those Mosques.
5) Mohammad was not supposed to be a teacher or even to comment on what he delivered, therefore, why so much is reported and followed of what it has been assumed that he did or said?
6) Because The Book is simple enough to follow, it doesn’t not require extraordinary interpretations, it contains all we could possible need in any instance while we are in this planet and even in the next life. Then why we need so many high ranking teachers? Additional books? Incredible amounts of translations for the same language eg, English?
7) The Mosque should be just a place where we assemble and pray with others, that may believe in The Book, it should be simple, clean and open to all, then why women can not form part of the assemblies?
8) What right do I have to condemn other religions? Or kill, or avoid others that do not believe in what I Believe, I have no problem in befriending persons of any creed. No one can change my belief, and I would not like to force others in what I believe.
9) Far too many people can not read The Book, very few can understand it, not many like to discuss it, and an incredible numbers twist it to suit themselves, just like in all other religions.
10) No one seem to try an amalgamation, then why so many claim that Islam has the largest amounts of followers, when if fact the true follower of Islam is very small.

I am certain that there is a reason for all this, as my Only Lord has a reason for all, I just pray My Only Master to unit as one group all people that believe even if partly in The Book, I know that it is only a dream, but a time dreams come true.


Our purpose as Muslims to work to build a Society based on Freedom Justice and Equality. Being that we are surrounded by Powerful Institutions that have massive Military and Corporate might the best
that can be done is to take Freedom Justice and Equality and apply these principles to our Personal Life. If I can help my family members, my wife my nephew if I can feed or provide for the poor in my community and I am doing the best deeds that I can then that is what GOD expects from Us. We have to take The Quran and become a living example of Quran in our personal life. We cannot get caught up in what someone else is doing or not doing. We suffer the logical consequences of our actions. I have my cross to bear and you yours. But if we all are doing our best to live the Quran then that is all that we can hope to accomplish and in doing so hopefully we can affect a change. GOD has already won, this is stated in The Quran - So GOD is the victor we just have to make sure through our Good Actions we can be in The HereAfter to Enjoy the Spoils of Victory.

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