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Pakistan, India, And The Bomb
By:Paul A Drockton
Date: Saturday, 19 June 2010, 12:00 am

Pakistan, India, And The Bomb

The U.S. has been blatantly encroaching on Pakistani territory since the Afghan war started. Aerial drone attacks on Pakistani soil now take place almost daily. Ten years ago, open U.S. incursions into allied airspace without permission would have been unheard of. Now, it’s almost expected. This type of activity undoubtedly breeds resentment in the local populace, and the terrible cycle continues. America oversteps its bounds on the orders of globalists, innocents get killed, their families become militant against us, and then we label them “terrorists”; lumping them in with Al Qaeda, an organization the CIA created and supported in the early 80’s using $3 billion in taxpayer funds. Is this irony, or is it completely intentional? Creating pockets of vengeful people around the world can be useful…

After angering the locals with indiscriminate killing, the U.S. has now given Pakistan an ultimatum; launch more offensives against the “terrorist networks” (which we created) in outlying territories, or we will involve ourselves further in your affairs:


One would think that the U.S. government was TRYING to infuriate Pakistan. Perhaps they are…

Pakistan makes a wonderful target for the Elite. First, it holds a moderate nuclear arsenal of 70 to 90 missiles. Second, their western mountain ranges are home to the Taliban which was driven from Afghanistan by the U.S. Third, their previous alliances with America can be used to take advantage of them while at the same time slowly turning them into an enemy. Fourth, the failed attack in Times Square by supposed Pakistani terrorist, Faisal Shahzad, has been widely reported.

Now, imagine a successful attack befalls an American city. Perhaps a false flag nuclear attack. How easy would it be to fabricate evidence and blame this event on Pakistan? A substantial number of Americans would buy such a story in a heartbeat. The tale falls together perfectly. U.S. actions in Pakistan are interpreted as invasion. The Pakistani government “recruits” terrorist cells in secret, hands them a nuclear weapon, or allows them to steal one, and then helps them to unleash it on their enemies in America. Retaliation and invasion becomes essential to American “security”.

Pakistan is being groomed by our media as the new “axis of evil” state, and why not? The perfect motive has been carefully provided by us!

The same tactic could be used on Indian soil. India holds between 60 and 80 nuclear weapons. An attack of this magnitude could set off a nuclear exchange between the two countries which would reverberate throughout the world. Even if a wider war did not erupt, the global economy would evaporate within a day.

In testimony before the House Armed Services Committee in May, General Petraeus warned that a new terrorist attack in India could destabilize the region and increase tensions with Pakistan:


A conference of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation in April was also overshadowed by the growing antagonism between Pakistan and India:


The fact that Pakistan had to borrow $11.3 billion from the IMF last year just to stay afloat does not help. The austerity measures demanded by the IMF could eventually cripple the Pakistani economy. If the their government were to default on it sovereign debt load, their nuclear weapons facilities could go unprotected as many in Russia did during the fall of the Soviet Bloc. Under those conditions, a nuclear event would be assured.

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