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Re: Quranic and Non-Quranic Islam (N2I)
Date: Friday, 18 June 2010, 3:19 pm
In Response To: Quranic and Non-Quranic Islam (N2I) (Anwar Ansari)

Dear Anwar saheb,

Some of your observations are very sensible. However, the following thoughts arise in my mind:

You say "Allaah has quite clearly and emphatically ordained that He be called only by Asmaa-ul-Husnaa, and to call Him by any other name is profanity for which there is punishment. Asmaa-ul-Husnaa are the only ones which are in Quraan."

The word 'Akbar' is not used in Quran to address Allah, still it is used in azaan and the ritualistic namaaz! In fact, people utter 'bismillah, Allah u akbar' when slaughtering an animal !!

If we were to just replace the word namaaz with salaat, but continue with the same machinations of 5 times standing, bowing & prostrating, will we be able to change the state of the ummah? As brother Jawaid points out, the 5 times aren't given in the Quran. Also, the Quran doesn't present us the method of salaat (if it as a ritual). If we consider the current method of this ritual, there are inexplicable actions like wagging the finger while saying 'attahiyat' & uttering the durood (persian word) which again is not found in Quran. In fact, the attahiyat being taught & uttered has words like 'assalaamu alaika ayyuhan nabiyu...' indicating the address to Muhammad (S) in first person as if he is present in front of the namazi. Wouldn't that amount to shirk? Is the person 'performing' the namaaz/salaat for Allah or His messenger? In addition, there appears no logic behind the different units (raqah) of this ritual further classified into obligatory & voluntary, again with no authority from Quran. If this ritual was ordained by Allah and taught to Muhammad (S) by Gibrael (as many people claim), did he send salutations to himself (attahiyat & durood)? Did Allah ordain to use the name akbar for Himself while He did not reveal it in the Quran? Analysis of such facts point to the non Quranic aspect of this ritual.

If one were to argue that salaat, apart from meaning 'to follow' also means prayer, even then the ritual namaaz in its present form does not qualify as a prayer except for the component of surah fatiha.

I am like a kindergarten student of islam and not free from faults. But my sense of thinking makes me ponder on these points. Pls point out if I am wrong.


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