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Re: Quranic and Non-Quranic Islam (N2I)
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Friday, 18 June 2010, 1:15 pm
In Response To: Quranic and Non-Quranic Islam (N2I) (Anwar Ansari)

I agree with some of what you have written but I am concerned that you are just changing names without the falsehood associated with them. Namaz is a ritual prayer copied from the Zoroastrians, and is most definitely not Salat. As you have stated, Salat is to strictly adhere to the laws, principles, values, teachings etc of Allah, as given to us in the Quran. We are to enjoin good and stop evil, help the needy, speak the truth etc. Actions speaking louder than parrot repetition of words. When we do this, we are establishing Salat, which means it is a continuous process, it does not start and stop at certain times or when we have grown a beard and carry tasbih beads! It is a 24/7 affair and not, as you state, undertaken five times a day:-

Your Quote;- Yuqiimuuna~ssalaat: is to conform to the nearness of Allaah with complete trust, humility and single-mindedness. To attain this reunion, to be in harmony, Allaah Has fixed five times in the day for His servants to stand before Him, to bow before Him in humility and to humble before Him in prostration. This special five times attendance before Allaah is the foundational condition of Aqaama~ssalaat.

Five times attendance is not mentioned in the Quran! Prostration to Allah means to abide by what He has given us to follow; it is not physical but intellectual. Nearness to Allah is abiding by the Quran, nothing more, nothing less The very concept of ‘attendance before Allah’ is strange and ‘reunion’ is a word that conjures up nonsense Sufi mysticism. Allah is aware of everything and is closer than our life. [jugular vein?] so needs nothing from us, but we benefit only by following the Quran.

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