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Re: The Prophet's Warning to the Ummah
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Tuesday, 15 June 2010, 12:42 pm
In Response To: Re: The Prophet's Warning to the Ummah (Ahmad Subhani)

The verses describe those at the time of Revelation, but is applicable for anyone thereafter who rejects the Quran. Many from the Meccans, the Messengers own people, rejected it even though they knew the calibre of the man revealing it. They were not interested in what the Quran had to say, what it taught, but only in their ancestral practices. They asked mindless questions because they did not want to hear the truth; they were just looking for excuses.
Now we have the situation where the very people who are supposed to be living by the true example of the Messenger, following only the Quran, bring forth more mindless questions to keep themselves away from it; how do you pray without hadith? What animals can we eat? How do we know the circumstances of the revelation without hadith? Etc.

Ironic that those destined for hell will be “those who will be gathered prone on their faces to Hell”, and what do they do in namaz?

Now read the context:-

25:21 Those who do not believe that they are destined to meet Us, say, "Why do not angels come down to us, or why do we not see our Lord?" Assuredly, they think too highly of themselves and they are uttering a gross insult.
25:22 Yet on that Day when they see the angels, it will not be a pleasant news for violators of human rights who used to thrive on others’ labour. They will exclaim, “Can there be a barrier between the angels and us?”
25:23 And We will look at the deeds they have done, and will make their work scatter like ashes and dust.
25:24 Whereas on the same Day those who have earned the Paradise, excellent is their abode with fairest places for rest and repose, and good news upon good news will be theirs.
25:25 The Day the heaven with the clouds will be rent asunder, angels will be sent down, a grand descent in ranks.
25:26 On that Day it will become obvious to all that the Sovereignty belongs to the Most Gracious alone. Hence, a Day of distress it will be for all those who had been rejecting the Truth.
25:27 When the Day comes, the transgressor will bite his hands in anguish, exclaiming, “Oh, I wish I had taken a Path with the Messenger!"
25:28 “Oh, woe unto me, I wish I hadn’t taken so and so for a friend!"
25:29 "Indeed he led me away from the Reminder after it had come to me. Ah, the Satan is but a traitor to the human being.”
25:30 And the Messenger will say, “O My Lord! These are my people, the ones who had disabled this Qur’an making it of no account." [Mahjoor = Disabled = Abandoned = Neglected. They had immobilized it like villagers who bind a cow by tying her front foot to her horn]
25:31 Thus We have made for every Prophet enemies among the guilty, those who have been used to thriving on the fruit of others’ toil. Yet, Your Lord is Sufficient for a Guide and Helper. [6:112, 22:52-54. The Divine Message, being a great equalizer of humanity, strikes at the interests of the unjust exploiters]
25:32 Those who are bent on denying the Truth ask, “Why has not the Qur’an been revealed to him all at once?" But that has been so! For, in order to strengthen your heart We have already arranged it in the Right Order. And We have caused you to convey it to people in stages, step by step.
[73:4. The Qur’an has been revealed in its entirety upon the Prophet’s heart in the Night of Majesty and conveyed to people in stages over a period of 23 years. 2:185, 44:3, 97:1]
25:33 And no question or objection do they bring to you but We reveal to you the Absolute Truth and its best explanation. [The best Tafseer or explanation of the Qur’an from within itself]
25:34 Those who will be gathered prone on their faces to Hell, it is they who will be worst in station, and as to the Path, they are most astray.

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