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By:Ahmad Subhani
Date: Sunday, 13 June 2010, 6:23 am


As per 'Surah " Al--Furqan",verse 30 ( 25/30 ) of the Holy Quran, Prophet Mohammad ( S ) will complaint to Allah, on the Day of Judgment that, " My Ummah had forsaken the Quran”.Apparently, the complaint sounds strange for it is universally acknowledged that the Quran is the most (widely) read religious manuscript in the World. The said disclosure prompted me to probe into the matter by undertaking an in-depth study of the Quran. The outcome of my effort however has proved to be an eye-opener since it made me realize that there do exist a number of glaring discrepancies between what Allah has ordained in the Book and what the ummah has been practicing throughout the last eight centuries or so. In this write up I shall be focusing my attention on those discrepancies that have a direct bearing on the ‘characteristics’ of the Quran, that is, its nature, claims, proclamation and injunctions related therewith. Before proceeding further, I would like to share with my worthy readers the bitter fact that in the realm of religion we Muslims educated or un-educated alike, blindly follow the footsteps of our ‘ ulema’ (clerics, and this has been going on for generations to-gather. Frankly speaking, Islam and Muslims, throughout this period were taken hostage by the clerics to their brands of Islam professing alien dogmas and rituals. Reproduced below are the verses of the Quran whose wrong interpretation is duly reflected in their(ulema’s) teachings and practices:--


1: The Divine verdict on the Quran reads: There is no doubt as to the authenticity of this Book (2/2).
2: We have revealed the Quran, and we will certainly preserve it (15/9). ….
3: none can change its words (18/27).
4: Had it been from other than Allah, they would have certainly found in it much discrepancy (4/82).
5: No falsehood can ever approach it (Quran) openly or secretly (41/42).
6: If you are doubtful of what we have revealed, produce one chapter comparable to it….you are sure to fail (2/23).


Repudiating the above Devine claim, the clerics assert:--The Prophet (S) did not get assembled the Quran in its present shape and form during his life time. Moreover, certain ‘ ayats’ have not been incorporated in it. Certain ‘ayats' of the Quran abrogate some of its other ‘ayats'. There are few ‘ayats that are present in the Quran but these are not to be followed. On the other hand, there are some ‘ayats' though not present in the Book, are required to be followed. Not only that, there are certain edicts (rulings) given by a number of ‘mohaddisin' ( traditionalists) and ‘fuqaha’ (jurists), which though repel the injunctions of the Quran, have to be abided by.


Allah claims in the Quran; We have made the Quran easy to understand, is there anyone who will then learn (54/16).
A Book whose verses have been explained in detail (41/3).
The Quran---a Book that makes things clear (27/1).
Praise be to the Allah Who has sent to His servant the Book and has allowed no crookedness in it (18/1).
For the benefit of the mankind, We use ‘tasreef’(rotation of verses) to explain the Quran from various vantage points (18/54).

CLERICS’ STAND: They insist that acquisition of eighteen ‘uloom’ (disciplines) is a pre-requisite to the understanding of the Quran. They also assert that the Quran can be properly understood only through ‘ahadees’ (traditions) as the latter explain the former.


Allah pronounces; We have revealed this Book so that the wise should ponder over its revelations (38/29).
Will they not ponder over the Quran or they have locks over their hearts (minds) (47/24).
When they are reminded of the revelations, they do not fall at them deaf and dumb (they do so after understanding it) (25/73).
We have committed to the Hell many ‘jinn-o-ins’ (human beings)—they have hearts that they do not use to understand…..they are like cattle, nay, even worse (7/179).

CLERICS’ STAND: They declare that ‘aqal’ (intellect) has no role to play in religious affairs as it leads man astray.


The institution of sectarianism has immensely harmed the unity and cohesiveness of the Ummah and needs urgent attention of the Muslim community to get rid of this menace. Quranic verses on the subject read:-
Hold fast( you) (all together to the rope (the Quran) of Allah and be not divided among yourselves (3/103).
And be not among ‘mushrikeen’ (polytheists), those who split up their religion and become sects (30/32).
As for those who divide their religion and break into sects, you (Prophet) have nothing to do with them (6/159).
Those who are divided among themselves…..for them is dreadful punishment (3/105).

CLERICS’ STAND: In spite of severe condemnation of sectarianism in the Quran, the sponsors of this creed have taken refuge behind a fabricated tradition (hadis) to justify their illegitimate activity According to them, the Holy Prophet (S) had said that seventy-two sects would emerge in the Ummah out of which only one sect would be ‘naji’ ( to deserve Paradise),and the rest would go to the Hell. So each one of the existing plethora of sects claims itself to be ‘naji’ and rejoices in its self-delusion. Lately, the clergy has come up with another deception, in that they proclaim themselves as “ makatab-e-fikr” ( schools of thought) and not sects. The fact however, remains that both of them are identical in so far as their functions and roles are concerned This also explains why a multiplicity of sects exist in spite of clear Quranic injunctions, to the contrary.


It is for a long long time now, that the Ummah has been blindly following the footsteps of the semi-literate “ulema”(clergy) whose vision and version of Islam is diametrically opposite to the one expounded by the Holy Quran. This has led this scribe to believe in the veracity of the Holy Prophet’s complaint that the Ummah forsook the Quran.

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