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Apocalypse Now - BP Oil Spill
By:Paul A Drockton
Date: Sunday, 13 June 2010, 1:14 am

Bells tolling for humanity: BP oil catastrophe, Times Square bomb plot, and the folly of imperial oil agenda

Link: http://pakalert.wordpress.com/2010/06/12/bells-tolling-for-humanity-bp-oil-catastrophe-times-square-bomb-plot-and-the-folly-of-imperial-oil-agenda/

Apocalypse Now:”This is the end, my friend…” What we are seeing now could be small compared to what may yet unfold if things break apart, as they can do under such circumstances. If this thing blew, it could be like the Yellowstone Caldera, except from below a mile of sea, with a 1/4-mile opening, with up to 150,000 psi of oil and natural gas behind it. “That would be an extinction event.”