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Re: More than our Universes!
Date: Friday, 11 June 2010, 7:14 am
In Response To: Re: More than our Universes! (Dr. Shabbir)

Dearest respectable Dr Shabbir, Assalamu alaykum,
I have no words to express your lesson, The Book is GREAT. You have been blessed by OUR ONLY MASTER to divulge even further some the wonderful SIGNS, and OUR MIGHTY MASTER will certainly reward you for that.
It is a tragedy when someone just glazes over THE BOOK, instead of pondering over each single word, it is impossible to find a single mistake in THE BOOK, or a word that should not be there or required, and the messages are very clear.
THE BOOK, and common sense indicates that; We have arrived in this world with nothing, all we ….have…. belong to OUR MASTER, and we can just make use of what ever HE provided while we are here.
Why do we continually wage wars, take the land used by others, why create borders, why falsely believe to be better than others, why tell lies, rob the poor, and the list of “Whys” could continue indefinitely.
We must learn not to be greedy, when THE MASTER give you more than you need, why don’t' you share it? Why hoarded it? It is not just for you, beside On The DAY you will not be able to take it with you, and then on the DAY, THE MASTER will question why you did not follow THE BOOK, at that point of time it will be to late, why not do it NOW, while we still have time?
The more I read THE BOOK the more I realise how small that I am, how much that I have failed in my life. I am certain that I do not deserve THE GARDENS, but I hope that if even in a very small way, to help others not to do the mistakes that I did.
GOD blesses you for your very sincere hard work.

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