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Re: WOW!
By:maurice abdullah
Date: Friday, 11 June 2010, 3:51 am
In Response To: Re: WOW! WHY have you fallen for this? (Dr Shabbir)

Peace be upon all,I think you misunderstood what my wow was about, I follow the Quran, I was not looking at the bible evidence although it did make me look at certain parts with a new understanding in a new light, as i am an ex c of e i was looking at the artifacts from around the world. I dont think for one minute aliens built pyramids. Look at the artifacts read the information not the bible quotes. you sound as dismissive as the smithsonian :-( . I myself have destroyed/made hidden archeological evidence whilst working under the city of alexandria in egypt . I was fed a plate full of piltdown man from 4 year old onwards. Please dont be dismissive without reading. After all it only tookthe piltdown man UK(one forgery) and nabraska man USA(one pigtooth forgery) to sway everyone to thinking they come from monkeys. The sight (www.s8int.com)if anything invites people away from the thinking that their uncle/aunty were monkeys and there is no point in being here. The fact that it invites people to christianity doesnt bother me, my job is to take them to the next level introduce them to the message of the Quran. I was amazed at the amount of artifacts that would and rightly so throw darwinism from its perch and turn upside down the present thought in the west & east. You dismiss the facts sir as if they were all some concocted plan to try to convert people to christianity as would the christians say the same of harun yayah atlas of creation. Did you read the article, The seven wonders of mount saint helens about the land, water & vegetative and animal species after the eruption. I saw mount saint helens, ive only seen pictures of the grand canyon. The ceaolacanth was an intermediate fish species described as crawling out from the sea in my school books. turns out its still alive, and its a very shy fish. The sight invites to people to re-evaluate man/monkey theory and turn back to god, thats better than communism/facism/secularism or luciferianism in my books, but the down side is their god is jesus (thats because they had the evidence hidden from them and forgeries shown and whispered to them) as you/we/me accuse the no 2 islam of following. there is no getting away from the art and artifacts. If a thief did not want to be found out as a thief, he would get rid of his loot or hide it so as not to be found out. Unfortunately his hord is being uncovered and they (non people of the book darwinist/secularist/zionist/divisionists) are being shown to be thieves of souls through their whisperings/forgeries/lies and deceptions. By the likes of the above web site and harun yayah with his atlas of creation. the fact that both the christian site and the muslim site invite to what i understand as deviancy. and they both think jesus pbuh is coming back to save them both. I think somebody is chucking the baby(evidence) out with the Bathwater (corrupt beliefs of the individual carrying the evidence). You seem to have rejected every bit of archeological evidence based on a pre concieved notion that its a trick. did our parents always follow what they follow today I think not. I think the Messiah son of mary had a father and was probably concieved the night his mother Mary pbu her lost her virginity. And there wont be many girls can claim that in this day and age. Both Parents virgins on the night of concievement, in that sense he was born of a virgin not from a virgin birth , (who would have thought people would start taking thing literally) thats my humble understanding.
PS I also knew went to school with a person who had six fingers and six toes (and they worked). To say there was never giants is to say ther are no dwarves. My children love growing vegetables they built a wormery with glass to view them tunnelling and when i told them that giant worms can be found in australia and can grow over 3 meteres they thought I was lying. evidence eh who needs it. Does Allah not tell us to open our eyes and look at what went before.
lifelong student

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