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Re: Which wolfe will win?
Date: Thursday, 10 June 2010, 4:06 am
In Response To: Which wolfe will win? (Saadia Khan)

Thanks for sharing. Most Native American wisdom is devout and recognizes a Supreme Master. They have produced some beautiful pearls of wisdom that are so insightful. Here are two more quotes from their source:

Do not let our chief rise too high
Do not let him destroy too much property
Else we shall be made like broken piece of copper
By the Great breaker of coppers
The Great chief who throws copper into the water
The Great one who cannot be surpassed by anybody
The one surmounting all the chiefs
- Kwakiutl

Being born as humans to the earth is a sacred trust. We have our sacred responsibility because of the special gift we have, which is beyond the fine gifts of the plant life, the fish, the trees, the birds, and all the other living things on the earth. We are able to take care of them. - Shanadoah

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Which wolfe will win?
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