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Is God A Mathematician ?!
Date: Tuesday, 8 June 2010, 6:39 am


Dear brothers and sisters,

Some time ago i reached the below part from the book, “Is God A Mathematician ?”, by Mario Livio:

“If you think that understanding whether mathematics was invented or discovered is not that important, consider how loaded the difference between "invented" and "discovered" becomes in the question: Was God invented or discovered ? Or even more proactively: Did God create humans in His own image, or did humans invent God in their own image ?”

Mathematics is one of the most important realms of the human world. Nobody can deny its beauty, complexity, and benefits along with the power it has in describing the universe we observe.

9:36 God has ordained twelve months in one year. This has been God’s Ordinance since the day He created the heavens and earth. Four of these Months are Sacred, forbidden for all warfare. This is the Firm Religion, the right way. So, do not wrong yourselves by fighting during the Sacred Months. However, you may fight the idolaters in any or all these months if they fight against you in any or all of them (2:194). And know that God is with those who restrain themselves.

9:36 Says, “God has ordained twelve months in one year. This has been God’s Ordinance since the day He created the heavens and earth”. Allah is the Almighty Mathematician. Galileo has said, “The universe is the creation of a master mathematician.” Allah's Ordinance is law. Allah has given us the capability to understand His Laws, and He has given us the mathematics.

36:39 And the moon: We have measured for it phases until it becomes (a crescent) like an old curved date-stalk.

41:10 And He is the One Who placed therein firm mountains towering above it, and bestowed enduring bliss upon it. And He measured therein its sustenance in Four Eras, alike for all who (invariably) need it.

6:96 He is the Cleaver of the daybreak. He has appointed the night for stillness, (rest and tranquility) and the sun and the moon to run their well-calculated courses. They become means of calculating time for you (10:5). Such is the Design of the All-Powerful, the Knower.

10:5 He it is, Who appointed the sun as a splendid glow, and the moon as a cool light. He appointed stages for the moon, in due measure. You make your calculations and calendars accordingly. God has created the Universe as the absolute reality and for a purpose. God explains His verses for those who wish to learn.

[The Universe is neither a dream as the ancient Hindu philosopher Manu preached, nor a reflection of the world of ideas as Plato thought. 6:97, 17:12]

39:5 He is the One Who has created the heavens and earth with a definite purpose. He rolls the night over the day, and rolls the day over the night. And He has subjected the sun and the moon, each running along its course for a term appointed. Is not He the Almighty, the Absolver of Imperfections?

Allah has created everything, has measured, and has appointed for everything laws and courses. Mathematics helps us discover the Laws of Nature and through it we can understand what’s going on in the universe. If it was not for the unchangeable laws of Allah, no science or mathematics would have been possible. So, mathematics is not invented, rather it is discovered. What do you think ?

Surely, the Qur’an has the answer to all questions.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Letter to Eckermann 1830, Sir Henry Elliott’s collection, 1865:
“The teachings of Islam can fail under no circumstances. With all our systems of culture and civilization, we cannot go beyond Islam and, as a matter of fact, no human mind can go beyond the Koran.”

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