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Re: Husband One, Wives Many
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Monday, 7 June 2010, 12:39 pm
In Response To: Re: Husband One, Wives Many (Jackie Stewart )

We have the same problem with our Mullahs who know very little of the true meaning of the Quran and follow their ancestral beliefs. Some people are calling for a return to the original sources and look at commonalities between religious groups; we should at least follow what our scriptures say and not mix it with manmade traditions. Christianity would then move closer to the true teachings of Jesus, ONE God, and men approved by God to teach His Wisdom on earth, not elevating men to godhood.

Those that join religious teaching seminaries do two things, either they leave during the course because of what they are learning, or they suspend ‘thinking’. I have had a number of conversations with Christian sects who have responded “if I accept that then I must reject it all”. The security of their religious associates and family make it hard to openly challenge the wrongs that exist in their beliefs; readily seen by some ‘outsiders’ who are not held back by blind indoctrination.

Islam and Christianity represent nearly half of the world’s population, so it is important that we learn about each other, increase our understanding and agree to disagree in a respectful manner. We most certainly should not let our differences come between us; we are all brothers and sisters in humanity.

2:213 Mankind were one single community (but selfishness divided them). So, God sent prophets as bearers of good news and warnings. He sent down with them the Scripture in absolute Truth that it might judge between people wherein they differed. But again, out of mutual rivalry, they divided among themselves after all evidence of the Right had come to them! Hence, God shows the Lighted Road those who would acknowledge the Truth and thus resolve their disputes. And God guides to the Straight Path him who wills to be guided.
[Satan, the selfish desire, had rent asunder the unity of mankind. 2:36, 10:19. Using the perceptual and conceptual faculties in all humility help people achieve Guidance, while selfishness, arrogance and blind following lead them astray. 2:170, 4:88, 6:56, 7:173, 7:179, 17:36, 27:80-81, 30:22, 37:113, 40:34-35, 41:17, 56:79]

3:110 (Since you have been empowered by the Qur’an), you are indeed the best suited Community that has been raised up for the good of mankind. You shall enjoin the Right and discourage the Wrong, since you have conviction in God. Now if the People of the Scripture had attained this kind of belief, it would have been for their own good. Some of them do embrace belief, while most of them continue to drift away.

2:165 Yet, among mankind there are those who choose others as equals to God. They love them as they should love God. But the believers are staunch in their love for God. Oh, if only the transgressors could see themselves when they see the doom! They will realize then that all power belongs to God alone, and that God is Stern in punishment.
[3:30-31, 7:3. In the Qur’an, reverence or love of God invariably denotes obeying His Commands. Hubb = Love = Adoring by obeying = To revere by following commands. Nidd = False god = One who tries to play god. Example: Pharaoh tried to equal God 43:51. Andaad = Those who play god = Political tyrants = Religious leaders who issue edicts contrary to the Divine Revelation. God being stern in punishment means His Law of Requital favoring none]

Salam, Peace to us all.

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