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Re: All At Sea
Date: Wednesday, 2 June 2010, 4:14 pm
In Response To: Re: All At Sea (Jawaid Ahmed)

I don't u/stand why Floatila, a civilian aid ship crew or social workers started resisted /beating regular Israeli army take over with batons and metal rods. ( video footage).
Was it pre-planned to make it an issue. As per sea laws, civilian ships are not suppose to resist coast gaurds, navy, armed pirates etc. They just can't. The price will be loss of life and thats what happened. So its not bravery, its stupidity. The sad death of 9 people was a sure loss of good helping people. Just because of typical Arab hot heads. Same is the case of flight Hi jacking, Crew are trained not to resist/ armed fight with hi jacker during flight.

Second, i saw a picture on bbc.com, that those who were arrested are released and are now showing victory signs with their two fingers. Victory of what. Loss of ship and lives.

The norms could have been simple surrender and hand over goods to Israel. After all its just food etc, and Israel warned the ships and also offered to distribute them self before this sea debacle. A bloodless handing over would have been a better international pressure on Israel. I suspect it is some thing more than food or relief goods. Hamas is no angel either.

Sidqi. Ca

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