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Re: Malaika
Date: Thursday, 27 May 2010, 7:46 pm
In Response To: Re: Malaika (Jawaid Ahmed)


just to close this nice and enlightening thread, here is what i think, since i invited you on this topic.

First, Scientists do not have a mindset, they see possibility in every thing. There is no such thing as No. Otherwise we wouldn't have arrived this far.

Second, There is lot to know about energy. We know that there are gravitational, strong Nuclear force, weak Nuclear force and electromagnetic force. We don't even know how to integrate them. We 'dont even know how we can pickup an apple from ground against such strong earth's gravitational force. How the gravity is both strong and weak or why , we don't know. We established that there is " grand unified theory" , but how and for what.

These are big questions and we are in a VERY VERY early stage of Knowledge, kind of just started. Allah's given wisdom is taking us towards unknown of tomorrow.

I remain your admirer.
God Bless you.

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