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Re: Malaika
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Thursday, 27 May 2010, 11:31 am
In Response To: Re: Malaika (Sidqi)

Dear Sidqi, I love this type of analysis because it is not the usual ‘ancestors did it, so do I’ approach that the majority present as an argument for their beliefs.

Hearing and Seing Bandwidths

If you look at the electromagnetic spectrum you will see that our human senses are capable of interacting within only a very narrow range:-
From Wikipedia
Radio Collective oscillation of charge carriers in bulk material (plasma oscillation). An example would be the oscillation of the electrons in an antenna.

Microwave through far infrared Plasma oscillation, molecular rotation
Near infrared Molecular vibration, plasma oscillation (in metals only)
Visible Molecular electron excitation (including pigment molecules found in the human retina), plasma oscillations (in metals only)
Ultraviolet Excitation of molecular and atomic valence electrons, including ejection of the electrons (photoelectric effect)

X-rays Excitation and ejection of core atomic electrons, Compton scattering (for low atomic numbers)
Gamma rays Energetic ejection of core electrons in heavy elements, Compton scattering (for all atomic numbers), excitation of atomic nuclei, including dissociation of nuclei
High energy gamma rays Creation of particle-antiparticle pairs. At very high energies a single photon can create a shower of high energy particles and antiparticles upon interaction with matter.

It is true that anything outside this small range has not been created for us to ‘see’ and there is more out there that exists that we cannot see. Your conclusion is that angels and jinn are likewise ‘outside’ our visible spectrum. Because the nature of the Malaika that Allah uses to communicate His Will to Messengers has not been revealed to us, I will not speculate on this, it will never be proved what they are. However, everything in the electromagnetic spectrum is here in the created universe and is therefore ‘physical’; it has energy and occupies space. It can be detected, if not by our eyes or ears, then by instruments, UV spectrometer, radio receivers, etc. Where your understanding falls short is that no instrument has picked up any ‘creature’ outside our visible spectrum, which is what the traditionalists are telling us where the jinn’s exist. We are told these jinn creatures are able to interact with human beings so they must have a ‘form’, if not physical then at least energy that should be detected.

16:12 He has committed to your service the night and the day, as well as the sun and the moon. And the stars are committed by His Command. These are sufficient signs for people who use their intellect.

I try to apply what little intellect I have to understand the world around me; what I cannot see, hear, touch, etc or reason over, I relegate to the back of my mind to be emptied from the ‘recycle bin’, or left there until something new is presented.

With the thieves and the Emperor’s New Clothes, they said only the intelligent can see it, so everyone was self deluded except an innocent child. Scientific analysis of how our brains and eyes work does not present credible evidence for jinn creatures, so I will not be walking around naked!

PS, it is a very common factor amongst all human beings to show that something that does not exist can be proved to exist! Loch Ness Monster, ghosts, ghouls etc, the list is endless.

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