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Re: Malaika
Date: Wednesday, 26 May 2010, 7:26 pm
In Response To: Re: Malaika (Jawaid Ahmed)

Thank you, jawaid Sahab.

It was a real treat to read you. But i being a another person still believe that Jinns may be real entities. Quran is for all simple people and it does not code things. No one has to decode any thing. Masses are not suppose to be scholars, neither super intelligent and every one is suppose to read and understand himself. Quran in not a book of mystery or quizz. It simple and straight.

22:16 And thus We have revealed the Qur'an in simple and plain verses. Allah Guides him who seeks Guidance.
54:17 And indeed, We have made the Qur’an easy to understand. Then, is there any who will learn?
55:2 He it is Who has made known and taught the Qur'an.

The way it mentions "Jinns", means it is there. Of course, the stories like possession, alladin or lamp etc are all thoughts of weak minds or talkers. We don't discuss that here.

Now why we don't see them or can not see them. This is my own paper.

Science has solved many past mysteries and myths, and will continue to do so for many unknowns of today.

Every creature on earth has a certain physical limitation ( Range or bandwidth) in all senses like seeing, hearing or tasting, running Etc. For example human hearing bandwidth is in the range of approx 2-5Hz- 35-40KHz, hence any thing below or above this range will not be heard by us. Where as animals who have different ear structures will hear those noise waves.

Same is the case of Seeing. What we see every day are chains of picture information made on our eye retina thru cornea, which are analogue and are transmitted digitally, decoded by our brain which tell us the reality of the object we see in 2D, 3D or may be 4D. But again due to our limitation on decoding bandwidth, our brain is not able to tell us what it is actually seeing, beyond a certain bandwidth. ( Our DECODING range of sight in our cerebral cortex is not known till today ).

Wikipedia...((In the 1970s David Marr developed a multi-level theory of vision, which analysed the process of vision at different levels of abstraction. In order to focus on the understanding of specific problems in vision, he identified (with Tomaso Poggio) three levels of analysis: the computational, algorithmic and implementational levels.
The computational level addresses, at a high level of abstraction, the problems that the visual system must overcome. The algorithmic level attempts to identify the strategy that may be used to solve these problems. Finally, the implementational level attempts to explain how these problems are overcome in terms of the actual neural activity necessary.
Marr suggested that it is possible to investigate vision at any of these levels independently. Marr described vision as proceeding from a two-dimensional visual array (on the retina) to a three-dimensional description of the world as output. )).

An Example: Today’s computer screens have their resolutions ranging generally from 480x640 to 1900x2100 in general pixels resolutions. An old screen of 480x640 will not show a higher resolutions and will remain blank, even if signal is fed.

Hence even if there is some thing in front of us, its picture is always there on our retina, but we can not see it, because our brain is not made to decode this information/parameter.
Same is case of other senses like taste etc. All primates and living beings are different in their abilities due to their typical earthly survival needs as decided by nature. A high flying eagle sees an insect or small fish under water from the height of thousands feet OR insects or animals see clearly in pitch dark nights. We can't.

About Angels and jinns this is the closest correct scientific reason for not seeing them. We just can not see them, since it is impossible that the brain will decode such pictures. You can only see what brain is able decodes as picture information To see beyond norms is not not human. Its against laws of nature and nature works on realities and not probability laws. Nature’s mathematics is chaotic but still measurable.

Exceptions: It is also a fact that some human are extra ordinary in their abilities due to their brain neuron structures. Scientist can think deeper, A mathematician’s brain is more complex, even chess players also have complex minds and similarly prophets MAY also have extra ordinary capabilities ( An extra seeing decoding ability) to see more than us. After all they absorb Allah's Message as inner voices. ( Vahi). Abraham's (s) mind kept questioning him on God's existence.

There is lot of R&D going on brain and will continue around the world. Many mysteries will be unfolded. As we are moving ahead, many such unknowns will be known. God awarded great wisdom when he taught NAMES of THINGS to Adam. (Al-Quran ).

Nothing is a final word except Quran itself.

Sidqi. ca

Here I may add a thought.
It is possible that Quran has divided mankind into two types according to their NATURE.
The goodself, do gooders, open, clean type are called "UNS".
The bad ones, hidden, unexposed, angry inside, harming type are referred as as "JINNS". ( The nature of evil in us definitely resemble fire and Quran refered Jinns as made of fire)
And its a fact that every one has both natures .

Sidqi. ca

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