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Support to Ourbeacon: Thanks!
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Wednesday, 26 May 2010, 4:30 pm
In Response To: Your Support Has Now Become Vital (*Arif Shamim, CEO Ourbeacon)

Two more brothers; Mubashir & shahalam have offered assistance to Ourbeacon.

Dr. Shabbir has advised the kind brothers to hold any contribution at this time: "Let's wait until Allah bestows more prosperity upon you. Consider your funds deposited with Allah."

May Allah bless you!

So now, five friends have contributed since our appeal on 5/14/10.

CLARIFICATION: Out of this Forum, we have seven more generous Brothers and Sisters who regularly support the Mission. We can introduce them if they grant permission via emails to me..

Outside this Forum: Most of the funds are provided by myself and children, some friends and Ourbeacon book readers and through newspaper columns.

Ourbeacon does not break even and runs in significant financial loss. The maintenance of the Website & Forum itself consumes funds but the greatest expense comes from printing and reprinting of books and their mailing. About half of our books are given away free to interested non-Muslims and to Muslims who can afford them only with hardship.

Although Ourbeacon runs in loss, the situation is not bleak and we will keep our trust in the Almighty.

May Allah bless you all, those who have helped and those who cannot!

We must acknowledge the sincerity of all our viewers.

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Your Support Has Now Become Vital
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Support to Ourbeacon: Thanks!
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