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Re: Woman is a Mind Thing
Date: Wednesday, 26 May 2010, 8:09 am
In Response To: Re: Woman is a Mind Thing (Zubair)

In response to Sis Saadia.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to Sis Helen and Brother Zubair. And I beg to invite the attention of brother Dr. Shabbir to my earlier post and to this present one. Do I deserve the insults that Sis Saadia so generously showered on me?

In the context of women’s status in Islamic ideology, I only suggested a rational and grammatically more accurate translation, for just “analysis”.
What infuriated the lady “M.D.” (don’t know what that means!) and she came down to insulting remarks, is beyond my humble comprehension.

But it did come as a shock as I was feeling happy in contributing to brother Dr. Shabbir’s famous, progressive, Quranic Blog in response to his very generous invitation. And I only meant advancement in Quranic concepts and ideology.

I take your negative remarks as a sporadic outburst under some temporary impulse, for I hold and perceive women in higher realms of respect and reverence.

I don’t know why we assume an air of exclusive authority over a piece of glorified literature that is admittedly a common human heritage? Why we try to monopolize the righteousness? Is that just ego strutting? Or a revenge psychology? And why we cannot discuss and analyze a topic having a crucial value in Islamic Mythology, on purely intellectual and literary grounds, without demeaning ourselves to personalities and insults?
Especially when that crucial topic is a target of condemnation all over the world and has always needed to be scrutinized thoroughly in order to wash the black spots from our faces and save our hands from smearing in filth?

Filth and black spots cannot be washed by lame justifications, or by asking people to shut their mouths – or by inventing your own contexts i.e., the wishful fabrication of a “warring condition” in an otherwise routine situation dealing with the ever-present problem of orphans. And then taking Yatama as full grown marriageable women. Yatama are only minors, the common sense says. Full grown adults who are fully capable of taking care of themselves, cannot be called Yatama, or the whole human population whose fathers have departed to hereafter, would be called Yatama, whether they be full grown young men, middle-aged or old ones.

While everyone has rights over one’s thoughts and catharsis, to remain gentle and kind is the foremost pre-requisite for the Quranists. Isn’t the foremost Quranic value called “Ehteraam-e-Aadmiat”?

I suggest that one should always be ready to see from alternate angles. What we all need is a running brook of fresh water, not a stagnant and dead pond of smelly water.
When one starts claiming that one knows whatever could possibly be known and becomes obstinately immovable------one is a mullah.

We are almost 200 years ahead of Allama Pervaiz in evolution, intellect and knowledge. Should we keep sticking to him for all times to come? I am afraid the great man himself was dead against that policy. He called that “SHIRK”.

God bless you all.

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