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Wudhu byond the Qur'an
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Monday, 24 May 2010, 8:36 am


For Wudhu (Ablution), washing of feet is not ordained.

The Shi'as are right here. They only rub their feet. Think of the ridiculous scene when Muslims put their feet in the sinks in public rest rooms. In a rest room at Florida turnpike, I saw some N2Is doing that. A sensible, cool-headed American Christian politely objected, “Dear Sirs, we wash our hands here and may refresh our eyes, but you are washing your feet here and letting loose all kinds of germs.”

See what the Qur’an says and what the Mullahs do and preach.
5:6 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! When you congregate for Salaat, wash your faces and your forearms, hands to the elbows. Lightly rub your heads and your feet to the ankles. ---. [Many translators insert (wash) within brackets before 'your feet to the ankles']
Do you do Wudhu (ablution) like this or in some Imamist way? That includes ridiculous things such as:
- Using Miswak
- Forceful rinsing of the mouth and gargling the throat in public
- Irrigating the nose all the way down to the throat followed by the repulsive, fierce blowing of the nose
- Loud coughing
- Thrusting their fingers in the nose and ears
- Washing their feet in the sinks with all the acrobatics involved.

In addition, the Mullahs will tell you that even if a single hair remains dry, your wudhu remains invalid. Also, ablution remains invalidated on nail-polish. How would the ignorant Mullah know that nail-polish is an excellent cleanser? Another Mullah injunction: The water must reach the ‘roots of the nails’. Well, that necessitates a bloody surgery five times a day – that is how deep the nail beds or roots are!

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Wudhu byond the Qur'an
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