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Ajami Islam
By:AmirAbbass, Iran
Date: Sunday, 23 May 2010, 10:36 am

Salam dear brothers and sisters,

it's over a year that Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, and many other social networking websites are blocked and filtered in Iran. Iran has a worse situation in this regard, they even filter ourbeacon.com. It seems that we may know why Iran and other Middle East countries are such a way:

i once put it like this: "Our Persian Forefathers' Hatred For The Muslim Arabs Has Led Iran To Its Dreadful Situation We Observe Today" ... and it seems that Hijab is mandatory only in Iran, unlike any other Muslim country.
From- "Islam: The True History and False Beliefs" By Dr. Shabbir Ahmed

This was a brief portrayal of some dark characters of our history. Now let us have a look at what a renowned 20th century historian of Iran writes in his Persian book Tajalliat-e-Rooh-e-Iran dar Adwar-e-Tareekhi (Splendor of the Spirit of Iran in the Annals of History): "From the day Sa'd bin Abi Waqas conquered Persia (20 AH) on behalf of the Second Caliph (Hazrat Umar), the Persians nurtured a passion for revenge in their hearts. They could never forget that a handful of Arab Bedouins had dealt their mighty empire a shattering blow. Our forefathers followed the only course that was open to them. Firstly, they incited the Abbassids of Banu Hashim to eliminate the Umayyad Dynasty that ruled from 661-750 CE. Persisting with their long-term goals, and persevering with their plans through centuries, 94 at the most opportune time, they invited Hulagu Khan of Mongolia in 1258 CE and did away with the Arabian Abbassid Empire. In this way our forefathers avenged their humiliating defeat and the loss of their Empire at Qadisiyah in 637 CE at the hands of Arabs."

This was the revenge they took from Muslims. We have mentioned above the principal characters of the horrible drama staged by them. For revenge from Islam itself, these characters replaced the pristine Islam of the exalted Prophet Muhammad with an Ajamite Islam. Its foundations were laid during the reign of Khalifa Haroon Rashid. This Ajami Islam is rampant in the so-called Islamic world to date. Haroon born 766 CE, ruled from 786-809 CE (170-192 AH). This is the same Islam, which, like Hussain Kazimzada, Allama Iqbal called the Ajami Islam. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan termed it the Invented Religion, Allama Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi named it Maulvi's Wrong Religion. I call it N2I, the Number Two Islam like the counterfeit medicines better known as "No. 2" medicines in the Indo-Pak Subcontinent.

Pasted form the book "Islam: The True History and False Beliefs" By Dr. Shabbir Ahmed

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