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Inter-racial & Inter-Religious Marriages
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Saturday, 22 May 2010, 9:16 pm


10:15 When Our messages are conveyed to them in all clarity, those who do not expect that they are destined to meet with Us (want to strike a deal with the Messenger). They say, “Bring us a Qur’an other than this or make some changes in it.” Say (O Prophet), "I cannot possibly change it on my own. I only follow what is revealed to me. If I disobey my Lord, I fear the retribution of an awesome Day."

Muhtaram Sidqi Saheb,

Any reader of the Qur'an must approach it with humility. Many people approach it with preconceived notions and to find in it their own preferences. They will get nothing out of the Book and keep finding fault upon fault. Even the exalted Prophet could not correct them. Allah guides those who approach His commands with sincerity and humility. Our job is to only convey the Message.

See what Allah says:

56:79 This is a Book that none but the pure of mind can grasp.
[Those who approach the Qur’an with minds contaminated with preconceived notions and extrinsic material, will never understand it. Mutahharoon = Those who rid their minds of blind following and false dogmas. (2:222). It is a common insult to say that men cannot touch it without wudhu (ablution) and women cannot touch it during menstruation. Why would God place hurdles in the way of approaching His guidance?]

17:82 Thus, step by step, We have sent down in the Qur’an the cure of all ills of humanity. It is a mercy for those who accept it. At the same time, it is a harbinger of loss for the oppressors (since it liberates the oppressed from their grasp). [Zaalimeen in this context = Oppressors = Those who displace the Qur’an from its rightful position of authority]

6:66 Even then, (O Messenger) your people deny the truth. Tell them, “I have not been appointed a guardian over you.”

6:67 Every tiding given in the Qur’an shall come to pass and you (mankind) will find out.

6:68 When you see them engaged in vain discourse about Our verses, turn away from them unless they engage in a different subject. If Satan ever makes you forget (your mind gets engrossed in their discourse,) then as soon as you recollect, no longer sit in the company of the people who confound the truth with falsehood. [Zaalimeen = Those who relegate the truth from its rightful place = Those who choose to do wrong = In this verse, trying to displace or confound the truth with falsehood]

6:69 Those who live upright bear no responsibility for them, except to remind them, that they may protect themselves against personal detriment. [See Taqwa, 2:41]

6:70 Leave to themselves those who take their religion as nothing but pastime, amusement, games of ritual, and social partying; their life revolving around quick gains of the worldly life. But follow up with reminders with the Qur’an on appropriate occasions. Remind people lest a ‘self’ be ruined for its own actions. No ‘self’ has a protecting friend, master or intercessor against the law of God even if it offered any conceivable ransom. Such is the end of those who land themselves into ruin with their own actions. For them is a drink of burning despair and a painful doom. They had kept denying the truth.

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