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My Stance on Caricatures of Muhammad(S)
By:Syed Ijlal Hussain
Date: Thursday, 20 May 2010, 10:43 pm
In Response To: Should Muslims Propagate Fitnah? (Syed Ijlal Hussain)

In spite of my views on equality of all prophets of Allah when it comes to acknowledging them, I need to clarify that I also believe Muhammad(S) was the greatest, and the seal of Allah's messengers.

As far as reverence and respect is concerned, Allah (SWT) comes first, then Muhammad(S) and all other prophets. I feel it is my duty to defend the honour of Isa(S) as much as Muhammad(S).

I also am totally opposed to the drawing of caricatures of The Exalted Prophet, but prefer to keep quiet, as I find myself inadequate to defend any of God's prophets in the present state of affairs. I strongly believe Muslims have brought this upon themselves by portraying a very wrong picture of The Best Human Being ever to be created. I also believe Muslims should have long ago, tried to convince Christians not to graphically depict Jesus (S)in their books through meaningful dialogue. Had we done so, the Christians would have respected our values much more today.

It is not that I am totally carefree on this issue. A few years back, on a fishing forum I was active, a Christian member posted a cartoon portraying Musa(S) with the fish getting away. While it may have been humorous to some, I did make the (Christian) administrator of that forum delete the cartoon and apologize - Not out of threats, but through politeness and reasoning.

There are worse things on Facebook; there are groups that literally abuse Allah (SWT) with the vilest of names, but we never ban Facebook because of those. As long as we (The Muslims) go on having double standards, we shall be able to achieve nothing.


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