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Taliban must be declared non-Muslims
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Date: Wednesday, 19 May 2010, 7:49 am


Asarul’Islam Syed MD

The Birth of Indian Nationalism

On 4th of June, 1858, John Bright, one of the greatest orators in the British House of Commons, raised a question: “How long does England propose to govern India? Nobody can answer that question. But, be it 50 or 100 or 500 years, does any man with the smallest
glimmering of common sense believe that so great a country, with its 20 different nationalities, and 20 different languages, can ever be bound up and consolidated into one compact and enduring empire confine? I believe such a thing to be utterly impossible.”

It was a British need that necessitated the creation of Indian nationalism. It was envisioned to be
the solution to India’s political problems. But a far greater political need of the British was to suppress the emergence of political Islam.

Indian nationalism had to be created at all costs. Through a well- orchestrated education system, the
Imperialists, only to thwart the ideology of political Islam, propagated the political ideal of Indian Nationalism. This is how ‘India’ was born. Here was a new idol for its worshippers. Hitherto, there had been no such thing as “India” per se. “India” was a British creation, an administrative unit, governed by a bureaucracy under the sanctions of the sword of England. It was a paper creation that had no basis in flesh and blood. The ideology of Indian nationalism served several other interests. It secured the interests of the elite caste of Hindus. The elite Hindus refused to grant the right of self-determination to the followers of Islam. The Imperialists were equally intolerant of the birth of a political Islam. It was genuinely feared that if Pakistan successfully implemented Islam’s principles of equal distribution of food, wealth and comforts of life, such a success could have a domino effect. There were several other ‘istan’ countries in the world. Pakistan might well be the first crystal for a future Islamistan.

What if the several Muslim states came under one union under the banner of The Quran? What if a
United States of “Islamistan” came into being? It is fact, little stressed, that Islam was a far greater threat to Imperialism than any threat of Communism. The ‘stateless and classless society’ envisioned, by the
founders of Communism had never existed in reality. Islam had a glorious history of equality and justice. It was a well known fact to the mastermind policy makers for the Imperialists that, in recorded history of mankind, it was only Islam that had produced a truly ‘stateless and classless society’, not through denouncing God, but through God and faith in His universal law of just recompense.

This fear set up the treacherous machinery of creating ‘Muslim holy men’ that would serve the interests of
the Imperialists. The first Indian “Prophet”: Mirza Ghulam Ahmed During 1850’s, a century before
Pakistan’s creation, fearful of a worldwide emergence of ‘political’ Islam, the Imperialists used stooges who could reactivate medieval Islamic mysticism and meaningless theological debates. Brilliant propaganda machinery was launched to promote Indian Nationalism and Islamic mysticism. Islamic mysticism is the Islam of rituals and prayers.

Organized forces of treachery were let
loose on Muslims of India leading to
widespread anarchy, disorder and
disruption. One of these was The
Qadiani movement, better known as
The Ahmadiyya, after its founder,
Mirza Ghulam Ahmed.
Qadian is a city in India, established
in 1530, named after its first
Magistrate, ‘Qadi Baig’. In 1834, the
estate, consisting of Qadian and five
adjoining villages were given to a
Mirza Murtaza Ahmad, father of
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Towards the
􀀢􀀁􀀯􀁆􀁘􀁔􀁍􀁆􀁕􀁕􀁆􀁓􀀁􀁇􀁓􀁐􀁎􀀁􀀸􀀸􀀸􀀏􀀁􀀲􀀶􀀢􀀪􀀥􀀦􀀢􀀻􀀢􀀮􀀏􀀁􀀁􀀤􀀰􀀮 Issue number 17, June 2009
Q U A I D E A Z A M . C O M

end of the 19th century, a religious
movement originated in British India
founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of
Qadian (1835-1908). Like Osama Bin
Laden of the 1980’s, Mirza Ghulam
Ahmad came from an affluent family.
Mirza was promoted on the Indian
political scene as “a religious scholar,”
best known for his numerous interreligious
public debates with Christians
and Hindus. His debates were given
widespread publicity. His articles, which
circumscribed Islam, Christianity, and the
Bible, were printed and distributed
widely in the 19th century India where
literacy rate was very low. Muslim
political scene at the end of 19th century
was infertile, bereft of any leadership.
The mostly illiterate Muslims of a famine
and plague struck country perceived little
of what Mirza wrote but turned to him
because he publicly dared, in Britishruled
India, to defend Islam against the
intense strivings of the Christian
missionaries. In public religious debates
where Muslims were a natural majority
against the Christian converts, Mirza
emerged victorious. Amidst the pomp
and show of his well-publicized
popularity, Mirza claimed that he was the
Mujaddid, the “divine reformer,” the
promised Messiah (“Second Coming of
Christ”) and the Mahdi ‘whose coming
was awaited’. Mirza declared that he, not
Mohammed, was the last Prophet.
Like the Taliban of the 1980’s and 1990’s,
the Ahmadiyya movement emerged as an
attractive heroic movement amongst the
Muslim masses. Founded as a movement
in 1889, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was being
propagated as a champion of the
‘peaceful Islam’ whose ideals were
unification of Christianity and Islam.
Well equipped with all theological tools,
Mirza Ghulam Ahmed proclaimed
himself to be ‘the promised Messiah’. He
claimed he was the fulfillment of
prophecies in all faiths. He referred his
birth to the coming of ‘a world reformer
of the end times’ who was to herald ‘The
Eschaton’ and bring about the final
triumph of Islam.
19th century India, with its abysmal
socioeconomic misery, was the most
fertile ground for planting such a
“Messiah.” Like Osama Bin Laden’s
emergence on the US-Soviet scene during
the cold war of the 80’s, Mirza Ghulam
Ahmad’s political emergence was very
well planned and executed by the British
Intelligence. However, unlike Osama Bin
Laden who was treacherously brought on
the scene of Islam as the Messenger of
Jihad, the British-India of the 19th century
desperately needed a “Prophet” who
would condemn Jihad and the emergence
of political Islam. Mirza was such a
“Prophet.” Most notable were his
theological decrees: “Allah has declared
all verses in The Quran related to Jihad
as null and void. Allah commands all
Muslims to serve most subserviently to
their British masters.”
The strategies of a “great game” were
being laid out. To the intensely religious
masses of Islam, only one thing made a
most conclusive appeal: Divine Authority.
The Prime Ministers of Queen Victoria
knew this fact, as perfectly well, as it was
known to the Reagan Administration
years later. Like the Bin Laden
phenomenon of recruitment for Jihad,
here was an Anti-Jihadi Messiah,
appealing subservience to British
authority. Ahmadiyya-ism seemed to be
serving well the purpose it had been set
up for: to provide a Divine basis for the
political subjugation of the Indian
Muslim. The Imperialists felt that ‘the
new Islam’ needed to be spread in the
entire British Empire. The Ahmadiyya
emerged organized; they were setting up
Missions world-wide, spreading the
message of the “Indian Prophet.” To the
apathic Indian Muslims of the early 20th
century, the Ahmadis, were the enviable
activists, setting up world-wide Islamic
Centers and working ‘for the cause of
spreading Islam.’
75 years later, the Wahabbi and the Taliban
would be similarly glorified. Propaganda
created a masterpiece of sham.
Birth of Pakistan
Pakistan was carved out of India not just
because it was the only solution to the
most complex problems of the Indian
sub-continent, but because it was the
cherished goal of a hundred million
Muslims to establish a premier Islamic
State. Pakistan was created without any
bloody war and practically peacefully, by
sheer moral and intellectual force, and the
power of the pen. The consequences of
any other alternative would have been
too disastrous to imagine. In the creation
of Pakistan, Islam manifested its reemergence
from the darkness of medieval
mysticism into the broad daylight of fresh
thought and experience. The Indian
Muslims had awakened from centuries of
theological debates that had absolutely no
bearing on life. Committed to the
principles of democracy, the creation of
Pakistan reflected the will of the Muslim
people ‘to establish the law of God as an
order’. Islam is indeed the Arabic word
for “the accepted order.” By the will of a
hundred million people, The Islamic
Republic of Pakistan came into existence
in 1947.
Pakistan was never envisioned to become
a theocratic state. Muslim masses of
India had awakened from centuries of
slumber. They shunned meaningless
medieval mysticism and decadent
theological matters that had no bearing
on the State. Islam had passed out of its
darkest age into the broad daylight of
fresh thought and experience. Muslims
were ready for a total transformation and
reconstruction of Islamic religious
thought based on the original message of
the Quran: a system of government that
distributes food and wealth equally to
everybody based on the law of God.
They knew that neither Marxism nor
Capitalism had a solution for world peace
and that the only genuine ideology for
peace in the world was Islam. They knew
there would never be peace in the world
unless genuine justice and equality
prevailed. Under the British, the Muslims
had tasted enough of hypocrisy and
deceit. Islam, with its glorious history,
was the only ideal they knew. Muslims
Q U A I D E A Z A M . C O M
Quaideazam.com June 2009 Newsletter
were eager to attain education. They had
been shackled for centuries in chains of
superstitious beliefs and rituals. For
centuries ignorance had been promoted.
Muslims knew well how the Mogul
Kings, like the British, waged wars only
for their selfish interests and used
organized religion to create mad zealots
who would fight and kill in the name of
faith. Human abuse and exploitation
through beliefs in superstitious rituals
and gods had already seen its zenith.
They were sick of sacrificing humans and
animals to please gods. They had a firm
conviction that the era of Islam had
Whenever people attain ‘conviction’ over
an ideology a nation is born. To the
Muslims of India, the slogan, ‘There are
no gods but God,’ gave an entirely new
dimension to their political movement.
Its echoes were heard everywhere. India
of the 1940’s resounded with this slogan.
In spirit, this slogan implied the
establishment of the law of God for
distribution of food and wealth. This was
a simple proposition for world peace put
forth by Mohammed, centuries ago. It
was no religious dogma. There was no
irrational belief, no metaphysical import.
The faith of Mohammed was simple:
“There is One God”. Food and wealth
must be distributed by the same law of
God that governs everything else. One
God for all matters. In essence,
Mohammed’s Islam is a belief that laws
of God are the laws of Nature discovered
by man therefore food and wealth must
be distributed by same law of God—to
each according to his needs, hence the
significance of ‘One’. The second part of
Muslim faith, that Mohammed is the
Messenger of God, the last of those
blessed individuals who have appeared
throughout mankind’s history as
reformers, is no dogma either.
Mohammed had proven himself to the
world. The success of Mohammed’s
ideology, the establishment of a stateless
and classless society, a welfare state that
became a model for mankind and led to
the Renaissance of Europe, was a fact
well known to the Muslims of India.
Islam had blessed mankind with ‘the age
of reason’, centuries ago; it would serve
mankind again. With faith in God’s law
of retribution and in His law of equal
distribution of food, wealth and comforts
of life, Islam is light years ahead of the
Godless ideology of Karl Marx. Despite
all the negative efforts of the forces of
Imperialism including Marxism, and of
their stooges who propagated rituals of
mysticism, it was this conviction of the
Muslims of India that made Pakistan a
To the Christian of British-India, Islam
was an Arab cult, evolved out of a
plagiarized Judea-Christianity. Their
Eurocentric Christian education had
indoctrinated several wrong beliefs.
Foremost was the myth that Islam had
spread through the sword. They had no
means to access the original message of
the Quran. All they could read were
‘translations of the interpretations of The
Quran’, done by Christian converts and
priests, centuries ago. Indeed it were
Christian converts who had drafted
these ‘translations’ and ‘compilation of
traditions’, which served to glorify their
parent faith. The Indian Muslims, though
illiterate by all standards, had awakened
to the call of their ‘common sense’. They
did not know any Adam Smith or Karl
Marx. But they knew, by absolute
conviction, that in the entire course of
human history, it was only the message
of The Quran that had ever liberated
mankind from exploitation. To the
Muslims, Islam and not Communism,
was the ideology for the world’s future.
The ideology of Pakistan was
unanimously perceived as ‘dangerous’
by the imperialist powers that had
emerged victorious after the Second
World War. The word ‘Pan-Islamism’
had begun to appear in print quite
regularly. A successful and prosperous
Pakistan was perceived as a socioeconomic
threat to the elite caste Hindus.
It haunted the Imperialists.
When passivity and hopelessness
overtakes a nation, its poets,
philosophers, saints and statesmen,
become a class of apostles who glorify
apathy and everything else that is
ignoble and ugly, by sheer force of
seductive art and logic, and through
religious rituals. This is how religion
destroys the spiritual virility of a nation.
Over time, her people develop an
addiction for hate. It was in 1920 that Dr.
Mohammed Iqbal, the poet-philosopher
and one of the founding fathers of
Pakistan, wrote a masterly article in The
Calcutta Times on the Ahmadis, declaring
them “Traitors to Islam.” Fifty-four
years later, in 1974, the Supreme Court of
Pakistan started a judicial probe into the
matter and heard arguments related to
the Ahmadiyya case and officially
denounced them as non-Muslims. The
decision was later ratified by the
country’s parliament and then
incorporated in the constitution of The
Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Not through the power of the sword, and
without firing a single bullet, Pakistan
was created amidst all opposition
through the sole power of conviction.
Like the first Islamic state of
Mohammed, it was created by virtue of
“the power of the pen and the written
word.” Never before had India seen her
hundred million Muslims united like
this. A hundred million people, free from
the age old shackles of Indian
superstitious beliefs and rituals, had de
facto declared that a government based
on God’s laws of distribution of wealth
and social justice could, and would,
prevail. This alarmed the Imperialists;
they needed another ‘holy man’ like
Mirza Ghulam Ahmed to divert and
confuse the Muslims.
Maudoodi: The Second Indian
Prophet--- US-Saudi Sponsored
A minority of Mullahs and their
followers had opposed the creation of
Pakistan tooth and nail. Confounded by
Q U A I D E A Z A M . C O M

centuries of mystical rituals, they
opposed Pakistan’s progressive ideology.
The British Imperialists had successfully
implanted in them the idea, and
reinforced it through their education
machinery, the Madrassas and schools of
India, that Islam was simply another
great religion of mystical prayers and
rituals. “Why do we need a separate
homeland for Islam when we can pray
five times a day anywhere in India?”
they asked. The progressive political
party for Pakistan, The Muslim League,
with Jinnah as its President, was
condemned unanimously by The
Jamiatul-Ulema---The United Front of
Muslim Theologians of All Faiths. A
divine edict, a fatwa, similar to the one
decreed upon Salman Rushdie, was
announced for Jinnah, declaring him a
heretic. The Mullahs who had British
support, formally excommunicated
Jinnah from Islam. The fatwa declared,
with all its force and might, that any
Muslim that supported Jinnah and
Pakistan was an enemy of Islam, and
was excommunicated. The leader of this
Anti-Pakistan campaign was a Mullah:
Abul’aala Maudoodi.
Pakistan came into being despite all the
Fatwas. The success of Pakistan’s leader,
Jinnah, whom Maudoodi had labeled ‘a
heretic devoid of even a speck of faith,’
shamefully embarrassed him and his
followers. Hate becomes an addiction
for all those who undergo the
regimentation of painful religious
rituals. Hate found a large number of
refugees from India who had lost
everything they had for the cause of the
creation of Pakistan. Maudoodi exploited
these sentiments. He reorganized a
‘Pakistani Jamaat-e-Islami’, which he had
founded in India. After migrating to
Pakistan in 1947 he wrote several
pamphlets, books and articles.
Maudoodi capitalized on the popular
post-war Anglo-US frenzy against
Communism. Around 1950, to show full
harmony with the US policy and his fear
of the threat of Communism, Maudoodi
wrote several articles in which he
declared the Government of Pakistan
incapable of standing up against the
Communist threat. Calling Communism
as a common threat to all believers in
God, Maudoodi said, “The US needs to
learn to identify those who can truly
influence the masses against the threat
of Communism. The Government of
Pakistan does not have the support of
the masses. The US needs to know
whom to turn to for help against the
Soviets.” He further propagated that
only the Jamaat-e-Islami’s appeal against
Communism could touch the hearts of
the masses. He expressed strong opinion
against Communism, condemning it as
Godless. His political approach, like that
of Mirza a century earlier, appealed to
the Muslims. It started an influx of US
aid to the Jamaat-e-Islami. The Taliban
were as yet in their pre-embryonic stage.
There were other competitors for the US
aid besides the Government of Pakistan.
These were the Ahmadis. Maudoodi
perceived the Ahmadis as his staunchest
rivals for US Aid. He fanned riots against
his rivals, declaring them apostates. He
declared the Government of Pakistan as
an ‘apostate government.’ Widespread
riots broke out against the Ahmadis in
Pakistan government believed in a policy
of bilateralism as regards the Soviets.
This was of concern to the US. In 1953,
Pakistan government, having all the
proof it needed, banned the Jamaat-e-
Islami and charged Maudoodi with high
treason for being on the CIA’s payroll.
Maudoodi was tried by a Military Court
and served a death sentence, however,
the US pressure on the Pakistan
government lead to his release.
Maudoodi had clearly won US favors as
being the staunchest anti-communist
whom the US could trust. Maudoodi
was assigned the job to hijack Islam and
Pakistan. Now his party set up Taliban
Centers in every school and college in
Pakistan. These lawless gangsters,
despite being a minority in the
progressive Pakistan, challenged all
authority. Like the Mirza of the Ahmadis,
Maudoodi was proclaimed as a God-sent
‘holy man.’ The US sponsored media
proclaimed him as “the world authority
on Islam”. The Saudi-US collaboration
had created yet another prophet. Though
Maudoodi never claimed to be a
prophet, he claimed that he could
‘identify himself with the temperament
of Mohammed’. His followers called
him “the authority on Islam,” a title less
than what the Ahmadis had given to
Mirza Ghulam Ahmed. Maudoodi
resigned from the leadership of The
Jamaat due to ill- health in 1972 and died
in the US in 1979. The US-Soviet Afghan
war, indeed would have crowned him,
and not Osama Bin Laden, as the
Prophet of Jihad. He had spent the last
30 years of his life laying the foundations
for Islamic Terrorism.
Maudoodi, sponsored by the USA, was
the second Indian prophet. The first,
Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, was raised from
the heavens by the British to suppress
India’s war for freedom that started in
1857. Mirza served British interests for
being God’s Messenger calling for Anti-
Jihad. Maudoodi, gave birth to the
Prophet of Terrorism, Osama Bin Laden.
Pakistan is paying a heavy price for this
new prophet.
The Wahabbi Prophet
To develop an insight into the Prophet of
Terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, one must
understand the evolution of the Saudi
religious cult of Wahabbi-ism and how it
differs from Mohammed’s Islam.
Contrary to the general Eurocentric
beliefs, the ideology called Islam was not
any pagan cult propagated in stone-age.
A thousand years before Islam, mankind
had already witnessed the dazzling
millennium of mathematics. Greek
mathematicians had already grasped the
fact that the Universe was controlled by
One set of laws that were fixed and
permanent. Mohammed’s pre-eminence
becomes even more remarkable when we
consider illustrious names, including
Anaxagoras, Zeno, Hippocrates,
Theodorus, Eudoxus, Euclid,
Eratosthenes, Apollonius, Hipparchus,
Heron, Menelaus, Ptolemy and
Diophantus, all thinkers and
Q U A I D E A Z A M . C O M
Quaideazam.com June 2009 Newsletter
mathematicians that lived centuries
before him. Thales of Miletus and
Pythagoras of Samos in the 6th century
BC, Archimedes of Syracuse (287 - 212
BC) and Pappus of Alexandria in the 4th
century AD, are all pre-Islamic figures.
These are the undisputed leaders that
shaped human thought. Mohammed of
Arabia invited men of sciences to join his
movement. Proclaiming a system of
government that would unify all nations
under the law of God, The Quran has
powerful and irrefutable argument. Why
have they created a separate law of God
for distribution of food, wealth and
comforts of life? There is One God. If His
law enables the fetus to develop in a
mother’s womb, without any
discrimination, let us distribute food and
wealth based on the same Universal law
of equality and justice. “Why have they
banned the law of God for distribution
of food and wealth”, asks The Quran of
man. Mohammed liberated mankind
from the shackles of superstitious
religious rituals. Mohammed condemned
ritualistic worship and instead called
upon believers to rise and establish the
law of God: a system of government that
would deliver food and comforts of life
equally to everybody.
The Imposter Prophet opposes
Mohammed of Arabia
Contrary to the general beliefs,
Mohammed was not illiterate. As a true
Apostle, he successfully liberated his
people from centuries of exploitation
through organized religion. The hardest
of all of his goals was to educate his
people and liberate them from
superstitious rituals. Mohammed’s
opponents, The Kafirs, were hard-core
religious zealots, like The Taliban. The
capitalists condemned Mohammed for
being anti-religion and enraged the
masses against his Message. Notable
amongst all the opponents was
Musailma, a religious leader from Najd, a
province in Arabia. A brilliant speaker
who had an excellent physique and
charm, Musailma could sway the masses.
Like Mohammed, Musailma declared
himself a Messenger of God. He had a
massive following in Najd and all over
Arabia. Musailma introduced the
religious rituals of worshipping three
times a day. Known in Muslim history as
the “Imposter Prophet,” he was one
staunch enemy of Mohammed’s liberal
ideology. Musailma, a poet, created a
brilliant imitation of Mohammed’s
Quran. The institution of human
exploitation by the capitalists badly
needed a religion. Musailma’s genius
came up with just such a religion. The
Quran condemns rituals. “They do rituals
that yield no results,” is a phrase oft
repeated in the Quran. “Nations that
engage in superstitious beliefs and
rituals, live in misery, a life of hell on
earth,” says the Quran. Musailma was
clever and understood the human
appetite for superstitious rituals. He
organized a cult, a mixture of
Zoroastrian, Christian and Jewish rituals.
Musailma’s cult was their last ditch effort
by the Elite against the spread of
Mohammed’s ideology of liberty. He was
ruthless and had a massive following of
pagans. He successfully led his cult from
his base in his home town, Hawta-Bani-
Tamim in Arabia. Musailma even sent an
impudent letter to Mohammed. He
demanded the division of the Arabian
peninsula into two halves: one part for
the followers of Mohammed, the other for
Musailma and his followers. His was the
only major pagan cult that survived at the
time of Mohammed’s death. After
Mohammed’s death, Musailma’s
followers mustered an army of 40,000
that was finally defeated by the Muslim
General, Khalid Bin Walid. Musailma
was killed in battle.
Rebirth of the Imposter Prophet
Whereas Mohammed of Arabia had
liberated mankind from the shackles of
superstitious religious rituals, it is one of
the saddest paradoxes of history that his
name is associated with the most
decadent religious culture of our times.
Few realize how, over the course of
centuries, Kings totally transformed Islam
through self made ‘traditions of the
Prophet’ to serve their needs. Whereas
the word Jihad originally implied to a
lawful struggle to establish a system of
government that would distribute food
and wealth equally to everybody under
the law of God, Kings began using it for
their own vested interests, no different
than the United States use of the word
“Jihad” in the 1980’s to serve its purpose.
These Kings transformed the teachings of
Mohammed, turning them upside down.
A prominent King amongst the era was
the 17th century Indian monarch,
Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb, ruled most of
India for 48 years. His reign lasted from
1658 until his death in 1707. Aurangzeb
was the first person in India to coin and
use the terminology “Laws of the Sharia.”
A terrorist King, who used organized
religion to spread fear, had a Kingdom
that spread across Balkh, (Mazar e Sharif)
in Northern Afghanistan to Tajikistan.
Balkh was the traditional home of The
Zoroastrians. These Indo-Iranians built
their first kingdom in Balkh and it was
from this area that different waves of
Indo-Iranians spread to Iran and India,
where they became Persians, Pashtuns,
and Baluch; those that stayed in Balkh are
the modern Tajiks.
Aurangzeb took personal interest in the
compilation of his “Laws of the Sharia.”
His Fatawa-e-Alamgiri spans over 30
volumes and was the law and doctrine
imposed by him throughout his empire.
He enforced the Zoroastrian prayer
rituals, compounding these with the
reading of verses from the Quran. He
had a great appetite for puritanical
values, and created a potpourri of
religions. From an ideology that had
liberated mankind from superstitious
religious beliefs, Islam was transformed
into the world’s worst ritualistic religions.
One most impressed by Aurangzeb’s
Sharia law that enforced religious prayers
ritual was a man named Mohammed Bin
Abdul Wahab (1703-1792). Born a
millennium after Musailma, and again in
Howta-bani-Tamim, the town of Musailma,
Wahab, like Mirza and Maudoodi, was
well versed in theology.
Q U A I D E A Z A M . C O M

He had travelled far and wide, including
education at Basra in Iraq. He wrote
extensively on religion and Sharia.
Hopeless humans have a natural
appetite for magical beliefs and for a
religion with painful rituals. Wahab
developed a great following. He became
the head priest of Arabia with the
support from Mohammed-bin-Saud
(1765), the first head of the House of
Saud. With him, Wahab is recognized as
the founding father of the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia.
Mohammed bin Saud, like Aurangzeb,
knew too well, the powers of religious
rituals and how such gimmicks attract
the masses. Wahab’s ideology of
enforced ‘prayer rituals’ were
condemned by Muslim scholars who
called these ‘innovations of Wahab’ or
Bid’aat. The chiefs of local Arab tribes,
from Al-Hassa and Al-Qatif, called upon
the rulers that Wahab be put to death for
reactivating Musailma’s cult.
Meanwhile, Ibne Saud had set up his
power base in the town of Dar’iyah.
Wahab fled to Saud for protection. Ibne
Saud granted this and the two decided
to work together to rid the Arabian
peninsula of all liberties which
Mohammed’s Islam had guaranteed.
Music was banned. A reign of terror
similar to the one in present day Swat
ensued. The veil was enforced, women
forbidden to attain education, stoned,
hands chopped off, floggings introduced
and schools burnt. Wahab desired to
bring religion back to its “purest” form.
Saud and Wahab formed an alliance. It
was formalized by the wedding of
Saud's son to Wahab’s daughter. The
religion of Musailma was born again. It
started from the same town. Dar’iyah, a
town near Riyadh, became the base or
the Al-Qaida of 1744.
Applying the doctrine of Wahab, Ibne
Saud established the House of Saud. The
use of religion as a basis for his
legitimacy elevated the House of Saud.
Like Aurangzeb who threatened his
opponents with Fatawa-e-Alamgiri, Saud
exploited the Arab appetite for religion
and rituals. Through Fatwas from the
House of Wahab the enemies were
eliminated. To this day the highest
priests of Saudi Arabia have been the
grandchildren of Wahab. The current
Saudi minister of Justice and the current
grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia are both
Wahab’s descendants. Musailma’s faith
has fully engulfed Islam. It was set to
engulf Pakistan. The traitors of Islam,
the usurpers of Quran’s liberties, were
systematically organized by a
collaborative US-Saudi support.
Solution for Swat:
Declare Bin Laden, and The
Taliban Non-Muslims
It is imperative for the government of
Pakistan to wake up and prove itself
equal to the task. In 1920, the poet and
philosopher, Dr. Mohammed Iqbal was
the first to declare the Ahmadiyya as
‘traitors to Islam’. Only in 1974 did the
people of Pakistan finally able to see
through the smokescreen. It was
Pakistan’s Supreme Court that declared
them apostates and it was the
constitution of the Islamic Republic that
put a final closure to that chapter. A seed
of treason planted by the British
intelligence, was identified and isolated
for good.
The Jamaat-e-Islami and the Islamic
Religious political parties of the pre-1947
India are all seeds of treason planted by
the British. From 1952 and later, it was
the US funds that started nourishing
them. It is imperative that the Pakistan
government holds a public grand jury
investigating the past sixty year accounts
and funds of The Jamaat. Pakistan’s
government needs to take an action
similar to the legal action against The
Ahmadis. Simple condemnation of Al-
Qaida and its base station, Jamaat e Islami
is a meaningless thing. The US regrets it
wrong policies during the Reagan times.
Hilary Clinton regrets ‘reaping of the
seeds which the US sowed’. She says,
“Let’s remember here, the people we
are fighting today, we funded them
twenty years ago and we did it because
we were locked in a struggle with the
Soviet Union. They invaded
Afghanistan and we did not want to see
them control Central Asia and we went
to work and it was President Reagan in
partnership with Congress led by
Democrats who said, “You know what,
it sounds like a pretty good idea! Let’s
deal with the ISI and the Pakistan
military and lets go recruit these
Mujahideen. And great, let them come
from Saudi Arabia and other countries,
importing their Wahabbi brand of
Islam, so that we can go beat the Soviet
The people of Pakistan are confused.
They need to know the truth about the
religious political parties. The Jamaat e
Islami has developed its roots
everywhere in the press and the media.
It plans to engulf the Army. Moreover,
thousands of Islamic Centers in the US
are under a direct or indirect control of
the Jamaat, the legacy of a blunder of the
Reagan policy. It is imperative that
affiliation with religious political parties
be condemned through Islamic laws.
Indeed, this is what The Quran says. It
is imperative that Osama Bin Laden be
declared a Non-Muslim and a Traitor to
Islam. Unless the Taliban are declared
non-Muslims, like the Ahmadis, there
is no solution. Only a concerted and
sincere legal mandate passed by the
Government of Pakistan can end this
evil. A fatwa works only if a
Government ratifies it through
legislation. This is the need of the hour.
Pakistan should have done this

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