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Re: The Fatwa-Mongers of Deoband, India
By:Dr Shabbir
Date: Tuesday, 18 May 2010, 3:26 am
In Response To: Re: The Fatwa-Mongers of Deoband, India (Salman Farrukh)

The first FATWA-Mongers were the priests of the first ever Prophet, Hazrat Nooh's (Noah) nation who threatened him in many different ways.

Remember that ADAM = ADAMI, relates to mankind in general in the allegorical, dramatic story of Adam, angels and Iblees. He was not a Prophet.

PROOF: The chain of prophethood begins with Noah, read carefully:

3:33 (The Qur’an is the Final Perfected guidance for all humanity. But God has elected Messengers before to convey His messages.) Indeed, God did choose Adam and Noah (Nooh), and the family of Abraham and the family of Imran above all people (of their times).

[Adam = Aadam = The human ancestor = The first Homo sapiens = Allegorically, Adami, the first humans = Mankind = Possibly a prominent early human = Perhaps a Prophet, but the chain of Prophets begins with Noah. See 4:163, 6:80-85]

3:34 In one lineage. God is the Hearer, Knower of all things and events.
[Muhammad belongs to the same progeny of Abraham through Ishmael, and Jesus belongs to it through the family of ‘Imran. Now is related the truth about Jesus son of Mary. History has made fiction of these two great servants of God]

6:80 His people argued with him, but Abraham said, “Do you dispute with me about God when He has guided me? I do not fear those you associate with Him. Nothing can happen to me contrary to the laws of God. My Lord encompasses all things in His knowledge. Will you not then, reflect and use your intellect?” [Abraham taught his people to reflect and be rational]

6:81 He said, “Why should I fear what you set up beside Him, when you do not fear to set up besides God, deities for which He has sent no authority and are utterly powerless. Think, which of the two sides among us deserves peace and security? Answer me if you have the answer.” [3:150-151, 29:41, 33:39]

6:82 Those who attain belief and do not cloak their belief with wrong, for them is inner peace and security. They are rightly guided. [Zulm = Wrong, in this verse, conveys falsehood and Shirk]

6:83 This is the logic (examples of the star, the moon and the sun) that We taught Abraham against his people. We exalt people in ranks when they follow Our laws. Your Lord is Wise, All Knower.

6:84 We gave him Isaac the son, and Jacob the grandson, and We guided them. Before Abraham, We guided Noah and from his descendants, We guided David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, and Aaron. We thus reward the benefactors of humanity.

6:85 And Zacharias, John the Baptist, Jesus and Elijah (Elias); all in the ranks of the righteous who fulfilled the needs of mankind.

6:86 And Ishmael, Elisha (Al-Yasa’), Jonah (Yunus), and Lot (Lut). To all of them We gave distinction over people of their times.

6:87 And We gave distinction to some of their ancestors, children and siblings and guided them to the straight path. [This verse also negates the myth of Virgin Birth, as Jesus is included among Prophets whose fathers were blessed. [Aaba = Fathers = Forefathers = Ancestors]

6:88 This is the Guidance of God. He guides His servants according to His laws (4:88). If they had associated others with God, their actions would have been vain.

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