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Re: WOW! WHY have you fallen for this?
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Monday, 17 May 2010, 9:08 am
In Response To: WOW! WHY was this kept hidden (maurice abdullah)

Dear Brother Maurice,

Over the last 50years there have been various Christian groups promoting the Bible as the Word of God and ‘proving’ that dinosaurs walked the earth with humans prior to the flood. Archaeological ‘evidence’ for this is human footprints in rocks next to those of dinosaur prints, somewhere in Texas, USA. On closer scrutiny it was found that these ‘holy ghost’ filled Christians who found this ‘evidence’ were chiselling away at the rocks to make human footprints!

As concerning Darwin, do not dismiss the way Allah works because the Bible says man is 6000 years old! It is not a perfect theory, it has gaps in it, but it does show the way we have arrived here.

To keep it simple, the earth, creation and Darwin’s theory can be equated with computers and Windows XP. A computer programmer can show you how the operating system of the computer works, but I have not found one that says that it just materialised out of thin air, along with the computer, sometime in the past. Bill Gates had a very profitable hand in this, a man called Babbage many years ago, as well as IBM, when the modern computer first appeared.

Darwin’s theory is like Windows, but just like Apple Mac does not like this, so to the Bible thumpers dismiss Darwin when all the evidence PROVES something like it is going on. [Apple Mac has more of a case against Windows, at least their operating system works when the Bible fails miserably on many fronts].

As for the rest of the web posts you have; in the 1970’s an idiot came along and made a huge fortune selling books which ‘proved’ that aliens from UFO’s built the pyramids in Egypt and South America, evidence being paintings with men with space helmets on which were found in Peru. On closer analysis these paintings were depicting ‘saintly’ figures with ‘halos’ around their heads, or traditional Peruvian head dresses made from bird’s feathers! The biggest idiot was myself who actually fell for this nonsense for a short time, then I came out of nappies.

Yes, civilisations have been advanced for periods of time in man’s history, but you must understand that the present day human brain has been around for around 75,000 years, so it is no surprise that vast cities may have been there 15,000 years ago. The Indus valley has been described as the birth place of civilisation, or some say Iraq, and Mohenjo-Daro has amazed historians and archaeologists alike. But this only proves that the Bible is about as ‘gospel truth’ as George Bush was at news conferences!

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