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Re: Woman is a Mind Thing
Date: Monday, 17 May 2010, 6:41 am
In Response To: Re: Woman is a Mind Thing (Jawaid Ahmed)

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Allow me to introduce a new revolutionary interpretation of 4/3 which might radically alter the hitherto believed unnatural concept of multiple marriages; and unfold new vistas of thought. At the same time, it may reveal the divine wisdom of Quran in a fully rational and logical perspective.

I just used the words ”unnatural concept”. A man’s multiple marriages is an absolutely unnatural and unacceptable concept for a woman, who can share everything dearest to her, except her husband. (ask any woman). It is just as a man would never accept his woman to be shared by other men/husband(s). So when man and woman stand on equal footings with God, why this anomaly in Quran? Why must women be subjected to coercion and exploitation? It might be that we are misled over the centuries to believe and to continue apologetically justifying an interpretation that remains the target of worldwide condemnation? Being very sincere Quranists, as we believe we are, in some remotest parts of our brains, we still retain the influence of the old Rivayati tafaseer? Or we still have not scrutinized many Quranic topics from all possible angles?


"and if you are afraid you may not treat the ophans with justice, then marry from them those whom you like"

Now imagine about orphan girls about whom we are afraid of doing injustice the solution is “to marry from them whom you please.”

Isn’t that an absolute absurdity? Because:
1----if the person doing injustice is told that he was doing injustice, he should simply stop doing injustice as soon as he becomes aware of it;
2----If he marries the orphan girl, whom he is already doing injustice with, he gets a licence of doing further injustice;
3----Marrying an orphan at your discretion is even worse injustice. And no question is raised about the orphan being minor or adult;
4----Orphans are not only girls but boys too, so what is the solution for boys? No suggestion there?

There is a Part of the verse that reads: "Ma Taba lakum."
This is wrongly translated everywhere as "whom you like" ------this is an absolutely wrong translation---------why? Let me explain:
The word "Taba"is used for third person not for the first person.
Taba is from "Tayyab" meaning suitable. So the translation will be "whosoever, "he" considered suitable for you".
("MA"whosoever "Taba"He considered suitable, "Lakum" for you)
So, as it appears, the person has no say in selection of the girl to “marry”, which is again illogical.
So, another big question: Who is this "HE" who is selecting for you?

The conclusion:
This verse has nothing to do with “marriage”.
It is a policy matter of the government .If there is a problem of orphans the Government will decide to give to the suitable person from you the custody of these orphans under a contract.The person who is given the custody will take care of these orphans who may be two or three or four at a time. But if you are afraid of injustice so you have to take care of at least one orphan or those who are already under your oath. This is because you are not overburdened.

Now once you know that "malakat ayimanukum"can be anybody for whom you are made responsible for any problem under an oath you can understand any verse about milk-e-yameen.
verses 1 to 11 of sura 23 by traditional translation give an impression of Milk-e-yameen as slaves and a permit to have sex with slaves.But few questions arise on this traditional translations
1----- If Mominoons include males and females both, it can not reserve the right for males only to have sex with female slaves. Females are automtically allowed to have sex with male slaves.
2-----Sura 24 verse31 clearly gives the right to ladies to keep slaves.

Islam is so averse to slavery that it orders releasing of even war prisoners. He does not deal with this subject when he very often describes the state of those that come under “malakat Ayimanukum”. This category is neither prisoners nor slaves.

Setting aside other relevant questions, here is the running translation of 4/3 by me, according to Dr. Qamar Zaman’s latest research:

And if you fear you won’t treat the orphans with justice, than enter into a sponsorship agreement (ankihu – Nikaah : to enter into agreement, or into marriage agreement, to overpower, to possess, absorption of rainwater into earth) for those of your weaker ones (min nisaaikum) who are deemed suitable for you by the authority, two or three or four of them. But if you still think you can’t do justice with many, sponsor/take under control only one, or just take care of those already under your oath of sponsorship/guardianship. And that is so you are not over burdened.

The research is offered for analysis. I think it suddenly turns the lewd into noble. All objections vanished into air. No further need to be apologetic. Women finally at peace.

God bless you.

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