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Time for introspection
By:Syed Ijlal Hussain
Date: Saturday, 15 May 2010, 10:28 pm

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It is never too late to spend a little time in introspection.

Here is an Ayat for us to ponder about from QXP making great sense to me:

عليها تسعة عشر
74:30 Over it are nineteen.

[On the tablet of human life are inscribed nineteen patterns of behavior that lead to the Fire. They could be the telltale signs written on the tablet of an individual’s life. The intelligent reader may reflect on those patterns and reach one’s own conclusions. According to my humble understanding, the nineteen patterns of behavior that lead to the Hellfire are these:

1. Shirk = Associating others with God. Accepting human authorities parallel to Divine Revelation. Sectarianism. Idol worship in any form. Being content with manmade systems. Worshiping graves, saints, ancestors or one’s own desire. Blind following or accepting religious information without discernment. Failing to use the Divine Word as the Criterion.

2. Ithm = Actions that deplete individual and collective potential. Destroying human lives. Lewd behavior. Discouraging productive work. Causing fear or grief by any means. Indulgence in pursuit of pleasure. 3. ‘Udwan = Creating wedges of discord between people. Causing dissension. Spreading disorder and corruption. Promoting racial, sectarian and nationalistic hatred.

4. Israaf = Wasting resources or one’s own ’self’. Crossing limits. Moving away from moderation. Committing excesses in any aspect of life including Religion. Defying Moral Values given in the Quran. Using intoxicants that waste the human ’self’.

5. M’asiah = Rebelling against God and the rightly guided Central Authority. Bloody crimes on earth. Disruptive behavior. Disobedience of the Word of God and the Messenger as embodied in the Quran. Gambling and usury.

6. Sayyeh = Destabilizing the lives of others. Failing to fulfill the rights of others. Injustice. Inequity. Deceiving in business or other dealings. Falling short in discharging duties. Favoritism.

7. Zulm = Relegating the Truth or displacing anything from its rightful place. Oppressing people. Violating human rights. Hurting others or one’s own ’self’. Doing wrong to God’s creatures and environment. Enslaving bodies and minds.

8. Ifk = Backbiting. Evil scheming. Defaming. Undue criticism. Fault finding. Slander. Presenting the ‘heard’ as ’seen’. Alarmist behavior.

9. Zann = False assumptions about people. Condemnation without investigation. Slander. Falling for superstitions. Belittling the Truth. Following conjecture. Staying out of touch with reality.

10. Jurm = Stealing the fruit of others’ labor. Violating human rights. Being guilty of living subhuman life. Witnessing for falsehood. Depriving others from their rights. Devouring others’ possessions. Not giving share where it is due.

11. Takabbur = False pride. Arrogance. Self-glorification. Holding others in contempt. Refusing to learn and unlearn. Insisting on blind following. Refusing to admit fault. Being forward before the Messages of God. Mocking the Truth. Deeming to ‘know it all’. Considering material goods higher than moral virtue.

12. Ghill = Harboring malice in the heart. Failing to forgive people. Looking forward to take revenge. Plotting to hurt physically, financially or emotionally. Being hateful. Opposition for the sake of opposition. Incriminating others for personal grudge.

13. Ghadhab = Anger. Letting loose virulent emotions. Succumbing to desire. Yelling at others. Intimidating the weak. Losing self-control. Impulsive attitude.

15. Bhukhl = Stinginess. Hoarding. Withholding own wealth and person from serving humanity. Apathy toward the needy. Being greedy.

16. Laghw = Wasting precious time. Idle talk. Meaningless assemblies. Conspiring. Senseless play and pastime.

17. Sadd = Barring oneself or others from the Path of God. Putting forward human thoughts above the Divine Revelation. Hindering immigration from the domain of evil. Antagonizing the Word of God. Presenting falsehood as Truth. Misleading people with conjecture. Hindering the way to the Divinely ordained System of Life.

18. Jadal = Disputation = Argument for the sake of argument. Opposing Divine Messages. Confusing human thought. Confounding the Truth with rhetoric.

19. Kufr = Stubborn denial of the Truth. Ingratitude. Concealing the Truth. Choosing to live in the darkness of ignorance. Knowingly oppose the Truth. Uncritical adherence to ancestral views. Trying to be with the majority without discernment]

May Allah Guide us.



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