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Abu Huraira, Hadith and Fainting
By:Faisal Iftikhar
Date: Tuesday, 11 May 2010, 1:46 am

This is in reference to a meeting that was recently held in Lahore to convince my Canadian-Pakistani friend on the importance of Hadith. My friend who was on a visit to Lahore told me this story. The reason why meeting was called to convince him is because after a two years extensive research through ourbeacon, he has completely desisted from believing and preaching N2I and has also deviated from Mullahism.
My friend was invited to a meeting where 3 Bukhari lovers surrounded him and attempted to convince him with diligent efforts that Hadith cannot be and should not be rejected, they are quite authentic and have their own significance as far as understanding Islam. The story that was put forward by those 3 Bukhari lovers to prove their points was that " Hazrat Abu Huraira was the sole collector of Hadiths. He used to collect and memorize Hadiths energetically with every possibility of not letting any Hadith miss or go unheard. In order to do that, he would stand by the door of Holy Prophet's house for hours and hours without eating anything. He would not go to lunch or dinner. He used to devote all his time standing near Holy Prophet's house to collect Hadiths from companions and relatives of the Holy Prophet. He would speak to just anyone in surroundings to collect Hadiths". The three aforementioned Hadith lovers further asserted that "Abu Huraia would faint numerous times due to hunger and lack of proper nutrition. Such were the efforts which he made to collect the treasure of Hadiths".
Well, I think that such stories easily lead innocent teenagers and even elder people into falsely believing that Hadiths are the primary source of Islam. My friend upon hearing this story presented his own arguments but let's us now analyze the flaws in this story.
(1) Whenever Abu Huraira fainted due to hunger, didn't he miss the oppurtunity to collect Hadiths right there?
(2) Instead of standing at the door of Holy Prophet's home, why didn't he simply sit down with Holy Prophet and note down all Hadiths so he could later make and preserve an origial copy of them.
(3) Why didn't Holy Prophet ever sit with him to let him note down all the Hadiths if Hadiths were that important?
(4) Holy Prophet was extremely generous and kind, not only towards his own companions but even towards Non-Muslims. Could he have let "Abu Huraira" suffer with such an extreme hardship?
The above story of Abu Huraira's efforts with respect to collecting Hadiths can only be accepted by those minds that are accustomed to a total blind following. With such irrational stories and heresies, our hand-written Islamic books and Mullahs do nothing besides making mockery of Islam. Argue all this in front of a group of Mullahs or in a program like Alim-Online with some criticism on Bukhari and you may be declared a Gumrah (Aberrant) since in the opinions of Mullahs, "rationalism, scientific research on a religious topic or critical questioning over religion is all equivalent to Kufar(Infidelity) and Gumrahi(Aberrancy)". Also note that in nationwide programs like Alim Online, you will hardly hear callers throwing critical questions on scholars or Aamir Liyaqat. People only ask questions that are compatible with Number 2 Islam and so Mullah-Scholars are already prepared to give their answers to callers. I once heard in Alim Online program a female caller asking the question: Is it Halal(Permissible) to eat Egg during Seheri in Ramadan?

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Abu Huraira, Hadith and Fainting
Faisal Iftikhar -- Tuesday, 11 May 2010, 1:46 am
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