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Islam & Peace - a great article
By:Bashir Abid
Date: Sunday, 9 May 2010, 10:03 am

Dear Friends


I found this article very useful in understanding the real objectives of Islam. You may have read a lot about the true nature of Islam but the kind of truth revealed in this article is unique. Read it carefully. Inshallah, you will find it quite satisfying.



Ubedur Rahman Arain

Assalaam A’laikum! The noble month of Ramadan is again up to us, just as it was last year and the year before and as always. It reminds us that the Holy Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) for the first time during this Lunar month, around 600 AD. Thus this month has attained a significance which no other month has. Considering the universality of Islam, and the Holy Qur’an being its primary source, this month is important for not only Muslims but for all mankind. The Holy Qur’an guides mankind on all aspects of life including social, economical, cultural and self preservation issues. At every important conjecture, it tells us that if humanity would follow Qur’anic guidance, it will rediscover the paradise that was lost by man as a result of disobedience of God’s direct instructions. It was through this message that the last and the final Messenger of Allah (God), Mohammed (PBUH), started to reform and transform a cruel disintegrated and ignorant society into a kind, united, and enlightened one. He was diligent in warning human beings of the dangers that were threatening them and saved them from the consequences of living a life of exploitation, injustice, and ignorance. The Holy Qur’an was practically implemented by him during his lifespan, and thus his life has become the best model and a guide for mankind for all time to come. That same message, in the form of the Holy Qur’an, is still with us along with his authentic Sunnah.

Ironically, Muslims who were directed by the Holy Qur’an to work towards solving the problems of humanity, are unable to solve their own problems. Brother is fighting against brother and nations that have developed their military might by depriving their citizens of basic needs, are targeting other brotherly nations in their neighbourhood for control and power. This gives the wrong signal to non-Muslim nations which, due to their excessive faith in secularism, already have apprehensions about Islam. The Muslim Umma today must prove to the rest of the world that it is at peace with itself, and that their motto is to bring peace in the world. They should, with firm conviction and determination and as has been instructed by the Holy Quran and our beloved Messenger of Allah Mohammed (PUBH), shower each other with love and show concern for all those who have limited means. We should discourage all forces which tend to deviate us from our ideals.

Islam is a way of life and does not merely consist of rituals. To lead this life, the Holy Quran offers its own concept of Allah and that of Messengers of Allah, Malaika, Divine Books, and The Day of Retribution. It asks us to follow these Quranic concepts when one relates to them. Therefore, one has to understand the Holy Qur’an and live accordingly. This is how Messenger of Allah, Mohammed (PUBH) and his worthy companions had established Deen (Islamic Way of Life) 1400 years ago.

The first and the foremost of these concepts is the concept of Allah in Islam. The famous philosopher Locke stated that if you told him what type of God a nation has envisaged for themselves, he could tell you what the moral values and social structure of that nation are. Qur’anic Reference (112:1,2). No one is like him (112:4). He neither sleeps, nor rests (2:255). God is infinite, in all His attributes. Therefore we can never truly understand the nature of God, the way we understand other physical phenomena. However God has other characteristics, commonly known as His names (Asma-al Husna) (20:8), which have special significance for mankind. These attributes define how God manifests in our world.

The Holy Qur’an tells us that the human beings have been bestowed with divine energy (32:9), which does not follow any physical laws for its development, although the human body is constantly going through a biological process and changes all the time. This divine energy bestows a unique personality on each human being; it stays individual as one indivisible unit, but it gets developed as an integral whole. Of all the creations of God, human beings are unique in that they have been given a personality which has the potential to develop similar characteristics to that of God (91:7-9). Characteristics of God’s personality are perfect, fully developed and infinite, while human personality at birth is raw and undeveloped. For it to develop, it is important that it should have as an objective, a standard that at all time is an ideal. This objective standard incorporates all attributes of God. As a human being develops these attributes, he comes nearer to God. Once these Godly traits are developed, the human being becomes a Momin. This has also been described in the Holy Qur’an, as adopting the colour of God (2/138). It is the ideal standard according to which human beings can judge whether their personalities have gone through the right development, or whether they still lack something. I should mention, however, that God has some unique attributes (like He is the First and He is the Last (57:3), or He is the one who started the process of creation in this world (39:46), etc. which no human being can achieve). Here I am talking about those other traits which are attainable by man. These include among others, having creative intuition, to have kindness, to be just, to be fair, to be pure, to be rational, to be patient, to provide for the needs of others, to nourish others, to be strong, to protect others, to be a planner, to use force (for the defence of the weak), to be soft where needed and to be tough when required. In short, to be peaceful within and to ensure peace all around.
This is where Ramadan has special significance. During this month we should concentrate and educate ourselves once again by reading and pondering over the whole Quran, so that we can understand these special concepts which God has given us. Fasting during the month, is an excellent exercise in self control as it consolidates our inner strength to fight temptations. We need it to live our lives according to the value system given by the Holy Quran.
-Ramadan Kareem!

Mr. Ubedur Rahman Arain is a Structural Engineer by profession and is working as a Chief Engineer & Manager of a large consulting firm in Kuwait . He has lived in Kuwait for the last 30 years.

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