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Re: need help
By:Naushad P.
Date: Saturday, 8 May 2010, 6:45 am
In Response To: Re: need help (Munaf)

Dear brother,

As you are aware, these days there are lots of financial frauds on the internet. Gullible people are made to believe in something emotional and taken advantage of. Also, there are possibilities of raising donations under a guise and using it for illegal/ anti social purposes. So it makes sense for a person to be as open as possible about his problem, even his address, if he wants people to trust him and give him genuine help. An internet identity is ok but if you really want to be helped, pls tell the forum what problem you are facing, what kind of help you need, have you approached any aid organization in your area and where do you stay. Many people would want to help, but when the requester isn't forthcoming, people don't come forward.

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