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By:Salman Farrukh
Date: Thursday, 6 May 2010, 12:32 pm

( Bhai Moderator , yeh post to post kur do please, aap bhi Insaan ho koi jinn to nahi ho yaar!)

Salam to all, I won't go into any detail, just want to discuss the contents of one Chapter of the Quran according to QXP translation.

Everyone knows the famous Surah Al Rah'maan of the Quran. It has the repetition of فباي الاء ربكما تكذبان

It keeps telling humanbeings of Allah Almighty's creations and blessings.

The following are the verses where JINNS are also included.

خلق الانسان من صلصال كالفخار
55:14He created the human (initially) out of sounding inorganic matter, like pottery. [Human evolution: 2:30, 6:2, 7:189, 15:26-27, 22:5, 23:12-13, 25:54, 32:7-9, 35:11, 37:11, 71:17]

وخلق الجان من مارج من نار
55:15And the Jinns: He has created out of a confusing flame of fire (with a confused fiery disposition).
يا معشر الجن والانس ان استطعتم ان تنفذوا من اقطار السماوات والارض فانفذوا لا تنفذون الا بسلطان
55:33O Communities of the nomads and the urban! If you can break through the outer limits of the heavens and the earth, then, break through. Never can you break through without an Authority. Can you bring any evidence?

فيومئذ لا يسال عن ذنبه انس ولا جان
55:39In that Era neither the civilized nor the uncivilized will be asked why they trailed behind.

فيهن قاصرات الطرف لم يطمثهن انس قبلهم ولا جان
55:56Therein women have a modest gaze, never touched by human vices or evil prompting.

[37:48, 38:52, 44:54, 52:20, 55:15, 55:72, 56:22 � Jinn, Jann, Jaann, evil prompting� Ins = Human, is often incorrectly translated in this verse as ‘man’. The mistranslation then goes on to state that there are women whom no Jinn or man has ever touched. Women (and men) who qualify for Paradise have had all their faults remitted and absolved, hence, untouched by vice]

لم يطمثهن انس قبلهم ولا جان
55:74Companions never touched by human vices or evil prompting. [55:15, 55:56]



If I will ask question , I know you will not post it. :)

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