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Re: Why QXP?
By:Naushad P
Date: Wednesday, 5 May 2010, 5:25 pm
In Response To: Why QXP? (Laila Noor)

Salaam to all,

I've been watching from the fence, some recent discussions on this forum. I would like to present my thoughts/ observations without the intention to offend someone. Some people have come up with questions and interpretations which they feel are logical. I do not know of any other intentions, if they have any, but their posts/ queries come across as genuine (whether scholarly or not, I cannot judge). In the recent past, this forum has allowed highly irrational and blasphemous ideas of Dr. Badar & co to be posted and discussed. To some extent, the forum members were successful in discouraging them, using logic & semantic understanding as tools. So why are we disallowing some posts now? As our good Dr.Shabbir describes himself, we are all lifelong students in this big kindergarten. So if someone comes up with an understanding that is different than ours, we don't shut them off but show them where they are wrong.

My request to the moderators, if they are willing to consider one, is to allow free flow of ideas. While the policy states that we should use QXP as reference, someone perceiving differently on some matters must be allowed to pose his queries with his underlying rationale. People in the shura will not be available till eternity, but this forum will exist for a long time. Not everyone is endowed with the knowledge of the shura. Different opinions will come in future too and people might even question QXP in future. While we have the shura among us, why not deal with skeptics constructively?

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