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By:*Arif Shamim, CEO Ourbeacon
Date: Wednesday, 5 May 2010, 1:59 pm

Here is the Ourbeacon Management:

- CEO, Director General of Operations & Administration, Ourbeacon: Arif Shamim, Pakistan
- Director General, QXP Project: Dr Khadija Husain, Australia
- General Manager, QXP Project: Dr Saadia Khan, Norway
- Author: Dr Shabbir Ahmed, USA
- Chief Adviser and Editor: Hossain Kowsari, Iran
- Chairman Advisory Council: Sheikh Abdullah Ali Bashoeb, Hijaz
- Vice Chairman: Prof Gemal Shukri, President (retd) Al-Azhar, Cairo
- Member, Advisory Council: Sheikh Ali bin Ali Al-Harbi, KSA
- Adviser, Linguistics & Jurisprudence: Ahmad Hassan Khalifa, Qatar
- Exponent of the Quraish Dialect & its History: Ayatollah Abdul Qadir Ali Al-Moosvi, Iran
- Overview of Arabic & English Text: Dr Laila Noor, Harvard & Madinah
- Review, Research & Analysis: Dr Ghafoor Ahmed, Pakistan
- Special Adviser on World History, Islam & Comparative Religion, Member, Advisory Council. LLD, D.Lit, History, Religion And Comparative Religion, Dr Afsara Sheikh, Oxford University, UK, China
- Computer & Internet Services: Aisha Ahmed d/o Shabbir Ahmed, USA
- Webmasters: Names withheld, USA
- Moderators: Names withheld, USA, Canada, Sweden & Australia

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Ourbeacon Management
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