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Re: Aren't we superstitious? (or "Mindless?)
Date: Tuesday, 4 May 2010, 6:56 am
In Response To: Re: Aren't we superstitious? (or "Mindless?) (Salman Farrukh)

Pakistan is a country that is deficient in Quranic ability. Even its President has more faith in black goats than in the gift of human mind. Some years back when Karachi Stock exchange had plummeted, the traders made a blood bath with one hundred and one black goats sacrificed on the trading floor to ward off the bad omen. This is an example how superstition guides people when rites and rituals are deep seated in the society.

A bright Pakistani scientist had contemplated a project that would tame the ‘jins’ and free their ‘fire’ to feed turbines to generate electricity that would solve country’s chronic energy shortage. Others encouraged his ghost-based technology that would have made breakthrough into the new era. How many may have willed to invest in his phantasm IPO’s? The nature of this question was more a zeal than science, but as you would expect it never took off.

It is therefore not the handiness of science and technology; it is the abler mind that advances the society. Here is some verification:


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