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Re: Florida Buses
Date: Wednesday, 28 April 2010, 7:53 pm
In Response To: Re: Florida Buses (shahalam)

Dear Shahalam Saheb AOA,
Thank you for the detailed reply on my point of view on Islam bashing advertisement on Florida Buses.
I am in total agreement with you Sir, when you said "Ourbeacon is aptly undertaking its effort to edify everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims that are misguided about Islam",but don't agree with the part stating 'to the extent of this ad' what kind of edification this ad will bring other than hatered, also you wrote"The premise of the ad is nothing but a crticism of Muslims own ignorance". Evidently the ad is not there to critisize the misconceptions or ignorance of some Muslims but to send an overall wrong message about Islam and all it's followers. The ad clearly
depicts that any Muslim that would leave Islam is punishable by death sentence, and this is the Islamic Law. You and I we both know that this is not true, even with the N2I prevalent Islam all over the world, how many people are being killed because they converted to some other religion? According to some estimates more than 6 million muslims changed their religion in recent years, may I ask how many of those converts were put to death? Clearly the ad is there to malign a religion, and not to point out any wrong doing by some of it's followers, our job as Quran oriented Muslims is to let them know that this belief has nothing to do with Islam, and 'Quran' the criterion clearly rejects any such notion, by putting this ad up they are accusing all the people who call themselve Muslim, regardless of the fact that they believe in the fabricated hadith and sharia laws or not.
Perhapes my example about Jesus was not so appropriate but what about believing in 'Holocaust was a lie' has become
a crime punishable by law. Why the double standards? where is the 'Freedom of Speech'?
British Catholic bishop Richard Williamson was fined €10,000 by a German court Friday
For Holocaust deniel.
Based on this, may be in near future the 'the people who believe that 9/11 is an inside job and Muslim Jihadis has
nothing to do with it' will also be persicuted.

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