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Re: Florida Buses
Date: Wednesday, 28 April 2010, 2:00 pm
In Response To: Re: Florida Buses (Rumi)

Dear Rumi,

I guess similar billboards would also likely be contemplated to mock Muslim illiteracy like honor killings, forced marriages and wife whipping. But you’re suggested visual ‘Jesus was not Son of God’ would not pass as reason for sanctified life intimidation.

I agree with your feelings, the Florida buses ad are purely and intentionally mischief. But look closer, it corroborates with the ruling: ‘The Quran prescribes no punishment for changing one’s religion.’ Were the masses of ignorant Muslims fully accomplished on Quranic lessons such detestable billboards could not be conceived. The premise of the ad is nothing but a crticism of Muslims own ignorance.

I am sure other ‘illiterate ideas of illiterate Muslims’ would also be transpiring as future wanted ads. Let’s face this fact. Ourbeacon is aptly undertaking its effort to edify everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims that are misguided about Islam, to the extent of this ad.

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