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Re: Jindan Kaur of Cheechon-ke-Malian2
By:Nawab Ahmad
Date: Wednesday, 28 April 2010, 1:41 am
In Response To: Re: Jindan Kaur of Cheechon-ke-Malian (Dr Shabbir)

But you (Dr. Shabbir) are right, Muslims did not behave as they should have and the Hindus & Sikhs revealed their barbaric potential.

The question is not of ethnic innocence. No group of humans is innocent or perfect. And we all know about our Muslims well. I already hinted in my note the problem of Mohajireen (the migrated founders and devotees) in Pakistan which is also an offshoot of the Politics of 1947. Furthermore, whole Bangladesh Nation is being haunted by the injustices and atrocities done by Pakistani government and military to them. And the left-over Biharies (after being killed, ransacked, and repatriated) in Bangladesh have been living like slum dogs, in Red Cross tents, for near 40 years as a result of Pakistani Muslims' betrayal and Bangladeshi Muslim's displaced retributions. On top of that, Pakistan's government machinery (the protectors and the promoters of Pakistan Ideology) engendered circumstances that led to the breakage of the Two Nation Theory upon which the nation was founded. This is also a matter of immense psychological pain for all those Muslims [especially, of the Subcontinent] who love Islam. All these pain and sufferings are secondary to the politics related with the division of the Subcontinent, and need to be addressed "if we are to claw our way back to normalcy" (as the columnist has put the purpose of his write-up).

Had Dr Shabbir or Jawaid Ahmad been a suffering Kashmiri or a suffering Bihari, he would have felt the pain how it feels when people start listening to a few Jindan-like relic of the past and neglect the voices of those who have been suffering day and night ongoing injustices and atrocities on them, and see no hope for a good life - for themselves, for their children, and for the coming generations ...... while all of them are the victims of the same Pre-Partition Politics, or Its Extension or its Continuation.

May Allah give us the plain commonsense to address any issue appropriately, and not confuse the truths by picking up a biased limited data from a wide varied population. The Quran says, Wə Laa Təlbisool Həqqə Bil Baatili Wə Təktumool Həqqə Wə əntum T'ə-ləmoon. 2/42

Both parties are to be blamed, one more than the other depending on who says it.

As far as I know, this is upon the judging body or just speakers to determine offenses and crimes on the involved parties, as well as to judge who has committed more wrongs, and on whom (when there are more than two parties). Just speaking is noway endorsing the "blames by the parties."

The Quran says, Idha Həkəmtum Baynən-naasi ən Təhkəmoo Bil 'ədl (4/58). It doesn't say: listen to the blames by the parties and sustain them as they are.

But by observing the stance in this forum, I woud say,
Khirəd Kaa Naam Junoo Rəkh Diyaa Junoo Kaa Khirəd
Jo Chaa-hey Aap Kaa Hus-ney Kərishma Saaz Ka-rey

[Intellect is named madness; madness is named intellect
Let your miracle-tricking charisma do whatever it likes to.]


Dr Shabbir and Jawaid Ahmad, here is a long question for you,

Had Sindhees / Pənjabees / Pəshtoons /or Bəlochees been there in place of Biharees in Bangladesh, would they have been left in Bangladesh or brought to Pakistan?

Doesn't this show that the Sons of the Soil and Mohajireens are not equal citizens in Pakistan? So much so that the former can revoke the citizenship of the latter whenever they find a chance to do so, making the life of the latter a hell?

Is focussing on the mistakes of our fathers, and hiding the ongoing "crimes against humanity" of our own, in pursuit of a Country, an illuminating act of ourbeacon forum?


i) For briefness, I have given only one example -- the case of Biharies. Similar questions can be posed with regard to Kashmiris (in the context of Hindu atrocities), Bengalis (in the context of Muslim atrocities upon Muslims), other ethnic groups, and the ideology itself.

ii) I have not asked Br KI Bajwa any question in this post. Becaus he firsthand posted the column, and did not say anything to my objection. This has increased regard in my heart for him that he is not among those who likes to fight for one's ego. We all are humans. Everyone can make a mistake in judging what to post and what not to. But after my explanations, there was no reason to counter me by Jawaid Ahmad as well as giving him some support by Dr Shabbir Ahmad.

iii) While I am on the subject, let me point out that Dr Shabbir Ahmad and Jawaid Ahmad have not answered any of my concerns. Nor have expressed their positions on those. Starting each time a new lead is not the way of discussing anything.

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