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Arabic, an antidote for N2ism.
Date: Tuesday, 27 April 2010, 7:16 pm

Here is an antidote, which will ultimately kill N2ism for ever.

N2ism is a distortion of Islam and it developed due to Ajmi understanding and teachings. Non-Arab Muslims do not understand Quran as they understand their own mother tongue. Hence their tellers, Mullahs, Imams and sheikhs took them where ever they wanted to. For Ajmis, it is a holy book only for respect and keeping on head. So they adopted what ever their local illiterate mullah in his own best thinking, told them stories. Additions, exaggerations, and imagination has been a favorite way of life when it comes to religion.

In short, its all due to the inability to understand the real Quran.

This is what need to be done for future of Islam.
Start teaching Arabic from day one of kids in school. Same as they learn English, Urdu, bengal, malay, indonesianian or Hindi etc. in their own countries. Make it as compulsory as learning of their native language.
The question might come, why. The answer is, Why not? Our life is based on divine book, which is in Arabic, so why not understand it fully, as it should be. Why remain dependent on some one else to tell us what and how to think.

In one generation, say after 25 years, no mullah can give any story to any one, since every one will be well read and will not accept foolish meanings. In fact mullahism will disappear.

Muslim are at the bottom of the well and can go no further. So some thing has to be done instead of feeling pain and hurt and curse N2ism.

Dr. Shabbir just wrote today"' It is time for CAIR, ISNA and other "Islamic" Organizations to admit that they have been practicing, following and preaching the Mullah-made version of Islam, the non-Qur'anic, Counterfeit, Irrational, Ritualistic, Outrageous, Superstitious, Fatalistic, Inhuman, Ajami version, the Number Two Islam (N2I). And it is time for them to revert to the Compassionate Quran.""""

So above solution is for all times, it can be done easily and with out any Fasaad or objections. Parents will love it, Mullahs will have no problem with it. and Governments can easily endorse it as a compulsory subject. Lets start from scratch, ground zero, at nursery level. One day it will give fruit. Soon.

One might say that its already done in madrassas, but that is not learning, it is reading a foreign language, which does not give understanding as mother tongue.

Another benefit of this change is that in future the entire Muslim Ummah will speak a universal language. It will be open avenues, which we are able to visualize today. There are very learned minds in this forum, who can see far.


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Arabic, an antidote for N2ism.
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