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Re: Florida Buses
Date: Tuesday, 27 April 2010, 5:47 pm
In Response To: Florida Buses (shahalam)

Salamun Alaikum,
I love the phrase 'the freedom of speech', why under this freedom of speech banner a particular religion is always targeted? under the same freedom of speech banner, Is it possible to run adds like, 'Jesus Christ was not Son of God' or
'Holocaust is an hoax', will Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of The Freedom Defense Initiative support the individual or the group who will put those adds up? And Mr. Spencer would say the same thing about the Christian or Jewish groups opposing the above ad compaign that these organizations practice a thuggish kind of intimidation.
I don't agree with 'CAIR' on their stance on many issues when interpreting Islam, but their protest concerning this add compaign was legit and least we can do is to let the parties involved know that behaviour of some
Muslims does not define Islam and it's teachings, in other words, let them know 'what Islam is not', I request all
OUR BEACON members, especially the one who live in the US to respond to this call and talk to the groups involved and let them know, As respected Dr.Shabbir said "The Qur'an prescribes no punishment for changing one's religion".
2:256 ---There is no compulsion in Religion--- .

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