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Ban on Niqab and Burka in Belgium & France
By:Lal Gehi / Muhammed Irtaza
Date: Saturday, 24 April 2010, 1:06 am

Belgium has finally passed the BILL .. banning Burka. Europe will follow .. followed by US, ASIA and entire world. Then finally .. the stupid and dirty Arab culture will be buried in the desert dunes .. from where it was born!.


The burka is inhuman. It does not serve any purpose of protecting women, in burning heat of desert.

Lal Gehi Trishool

Salamun Alykum.

The Government of France has the right to ban Burqa to fight terrorism or for any other valid reason. For example, it has the right to ban Burqa for the female driver to prevent car accident. Muslims must follow the righteous law of land:

[4:59] O you who believe, you shall obey GOD, and you shall obey the messenger, and those in charge among you. If you dispute in any matter, you shall refer it to GOD and the messenger, if you do believe in GOD and the Last Day. This is better for you, and provides you with the best solution.

The believing women had to obey the righteous orders of the Prophet Mohammad, who was in charge of their country:

[60:12] O you prophet, when the believing women (who abandoned the disbelievers) to seek asylum with you pledge to you that they will not set up any idols besides GOD, nor steal, nor commit adultery, nor kill their children, nor fabricate any falsehood, nor disobey your righteous orders, you shall accept their pledge, and pray to GOD to forgive them. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

The French citizen may decide their affair after due consultation. They may vote and pass any law for the benefit of their country. The following verse narrates that the believers during the Prophet's time used to decide their affair through the democratic process:

[42:38] ..... Their affairs are decided after due consultation among themselves, and from our provisions to them they give (to charity).

Please note that head cover or face cover is not in the Quran. Any modest or righteous garment is Islamic.

Thank you and may God guide me,

Muhammed Irtaza

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