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bob is buzzy bee but still around ;)
Date: Thursday, 22 April 2010, 1:43 pm
In Response To: Re: The return of Bob (Jawaid Ahmed)

Salaam dear brother,Im trying to read Dr Shabbirs blogs and online books,thats why i have been busy,im new so i need time to read,study and understand,sorry for late reply. - :))

You said :

""Allah never sanctioned Jerusalem as a centre for mankind, it was chosen by the Jews as their capital, but do we need a CENTRAL AUTHOROTY,?YES. The UN shows how Islam should have progressed using Mecca as New York; we need a central body to keep the world on its ‘Islamic toes’. Generally, as individuals your Quranic quotes work at that level, but Islam is also for mankind, a New World Divine Order, so we need a setup that counters for individuals, then communities and then globally. Please read:- ""

ME : I agree,we do need a central Authoroty,,,but HOW does this central authoroty work?

The central authoroty is based on the constitution,on the sacred commands of Allah. The constitution itself is Free from shirk,human dogmas and its from Allah. this is the Masjid al Haraam wich is a constitution EVERYWHERE to EVERYONE. Its from Allah alone,noone can change it ,its free for contradiction and its practical,functional everywhere for everyone.The central authoroty is nothing but the Quran itself,because it gives us "Nizame Deen/Salah,,(Quranic system)"

How ?

what is its quality? how is this authoroty useful?when the nizam is established according to its guidiance,,,the Nizam based on the Authoroty has to provide knowledge,coz Allah is knower,It has to be free for idolaters,coz Allah is the only one,it has to provide safety to the mankind,coz Allah is the only protector,it has be provide the basic human rights,coz Allah isالرحمن الرحيم,it has to provide us permanent values,coz Allah never change his sunna,words,ehkamaat,it has to be free from time and space,coz Allah is not bound to time or space,It would be able to give a system ,practical system so to make sure no1 is hungry ,Cos Allah is the Rabb ul alemeen,It has to be functional EVERYWHERE,coz Allah is EVERYWHERE,,,,,,,

it means,this central authoroty is a constitution who would enebale us to establish Quraniq nizam ,it should be the "Mirror" of Allah's sifaat

Everywhere,anywhere to every humanbeing......

People must see Allah's sifaat through the Quranic system when established ...


There is no god but He, the Almighty, the Wise.
(The Quraniq system is basesd on the one and only constitution from Allah,System based on this consttitution is a powerful system and based on knowledge so people can become wise )


God is Seer of His servants.
(the Quraniq system is never blind)


He isالرحمن الرحيم

So should the Quranic system be like ,The Source of Instant Beneficence and Eternal Mercy nourishing and taking care of all things for what they are meant to be, just as a mother’s womb nourishes the embryo to completion without any returns. (from Dr Shabbir)

the Constitution (Masjid Al Haraam) is the Quran,and when its established EVERYWHERE ANYWHERE FOR EVERY HUMANBEING,,,then it becomes Al BAYT,,,,GLOBAL AL BAYT. and everyone is welcome to live in peace(islam) in this bayt,based on the constitution ,Quran......idolaters,Mushrekeen cant administrate it ,

That is why the constitution itself is free from idolaters,whn this constitution is established,everyone can live a peaceful life (like Jannah)

22:26 Behold! We pointed the site of the Sacred House, Ka’bah, to Abraham, saying, “Associate none with Me, and keep My House clean of human dogmas for those whose Divine Ideology of Monotheism will revolve around this Center for all mankind. Train the visitors to stand up for Truth, and bow to and prostrate before Divine Commands.” [2:125, 2:197, 3:95-97, 22:28-29]


The system is perfect,but people have to understand it,thats why Allah gave us the free will,to study and understand the system,so we develope ourself accoriding to it .

"Ek se Phool,gulistan main khila karte hai
Phir bhi har phool ki,--Taqdeer juda hoti hai"

(Not the hadithistic Taqdeer :P)

People have equal starting points and opportunities, but also the free will so they can chose their own way

This makes sense to me .

Un is nothing like the Quranic system of life at all,its constructed only for/by United Satans of America,not for humanity. The Quranic system is for everyone.

Thank you so much Dr Shabbir for your kind word,much appreciated.
(@umeAimon,thank you for correcting me,i shouldnt take things personally.ill try to change)

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bob is buzzy bee but still around ;)
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