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Who killed Benazir ?
Date: Wednesday, 21 April 2010, 7:45 am


Having read the UN report on Benazir’s murder few facts reported are interesting:

1. The person incharge of her security was dr zulfikar mirza, he was to be blamed for the lapses, but he was made interior minister by zardari and his wife, made the national assembly speaker, by zardari
2. The black mercedes bullet proof cover car that was to follow Benazir’s vehicle, did not do so , but sped away from the scene before the blast. Its occupants were A) farhatullah babar , zardari’s spokesman appointed by zardari, B) rehman malik federal interior minister appointed by zardari, and a strange bedfellow C) general tauqir zia, musharrafs buddy.
3. The Scotland yard’s inquiry report has been withheld by Scotland yard at the request of the government of zardari
4. Mr shahanshah, Benazirs personal security guard was mysteriously shot dead in Karachi and no enquiry done or ordered by the sindh interior minister dr zulfikar mirza
5. The lone suicide bomber was the suited boy who first fired 3 bullets and then detonated himself. The bullet scared Benazir and she hit something that killed her instantly. Apparently she did not die of any bullet wound.
6. Benazirs vehicle was driven on the burnt out wheels for few miles before sherry rehman came to the rescue and transferred the body to her car and took her to the hospital. Where was dr zullfikar mirza and the band of zardari loyalists at that time?
All this points to a very deliberate security lapse to allow the killer boy do his job.

Remember murtaza bhutto’s body, although 100 metres from the mideast hospital was also delayed till he died.

Draw your own conclusions… who benefits the most? Musharraf or zardari ?

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Who killed Benazir ?
MUHAMMAD RAFI -- Wednesday, 21 April 2010, 7:45 am
Re: Who killed Benazir ?
Tahir Mahmood -- Thursday, 22 April 2010, 5:04 am