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An interesting Email Exchange
Date: Tuesday, 20 April 2010, 12:45 am


Latullipe is genuinely scared of losing his culture and values that he is so proud of. He MUST be concerned---because he would not like a civilized Canada to become the uncouth and savage Saudi Arabia, or a corrupt and eternally-begging Pakistan, or total parasite Egypt, or hypocritical Jordon and Gulf-states, or oppressed Syria, and unbearably ignorant and violent Afghanistan. Do you see Latullipe's reason why he is so scared, Bint. After all, all these "Muslims" are running away from suicide bombings, bigotry and intolerance, despicable corruption and oppression--- from their horrible cultures---and entering Canada and the US by fair or foul means in droves. That gives Latullipe goose bumps, Bint. Would you like a killer virus in your bed, Bint? The West has truly genuine reasons to be scared of the folks YOU call "Muslims". Not just Latullipe, a lot of the West is.

And I don’t blame them!


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From: Bint Waleed

“Latullipe is against radical and fundamentalist Muslims, not all Muslims, unless of course you believe all Muslims are radicals.”

Farzana, this is not correct that Monsieur Latulippe and his cousins only have beef against fundamentalist and radical Muslims. In his view all Muslims - beer drinking or masjid going – need to be avoided. He makes no distinction between a fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist (whatever these silly terms nean).

Read what Latulippe views are:

“Mr. Latulippe authored a submission to the Bouchard-Taylor Commission, investigating reasonable accommodation in Quebec, in which he suggested that the increasing Muslim population in Montreal was a threat both to the cultural integrity of Quebec and to national security in general. According to Mr. Latulippe, “Since 2000, 16% to 20% of new immigrants came from North African countries which are French-speaking, but are culturally Muslim. The debate of today is not centered anymore on the protection of our language but of our culture.” He also argues that geographically concentrated Muslim immigration to Montreal means ‘we take the unnecessary risk of generating homegrown terrorism’.”

Do you still say that Monsieur Latulippe is only scared of Muslims with beard, hijab, and prayer caps? Or he is against Muslims, period?

Bint Waleed