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Re: Where has Bob's posts gone to?
Date: Sunday, 18 April 2010, 12:16 pm
In Response To: Where has Bob's posts gone to? (Jawaid Ahmed)

Salaam :)

Let me tell you about me, I'm a Quran Muslim who dont follow any other book than The Quran. I neither accept or reject without studying it. All thoughts and theories are welcome. I look at the content and not the "freeminder" "khalifi" "shia" "sunni" "jew/christian" whos presenting it

When I talk to Sunni Shias who are intoxicated by their hadiths, these hadith addicted hadiht junkeys discard the contents of what I say and responds with: You are a "Pervezi"

And your doing the same thing. im not a no 19 lover. ive been debating with freeminders,and i dont agree with them in most of their views They said arabic is one of the most "dead" and "stupid" languages,coz its not clear at all....They also said its two versions of the Quran,and we dont know wich one is the "true " Quran ...i disagree but still,i never reject everything they say just because they are freeminders .........

Dr Shabbir

unfortunately i have never read any of his books ,but lately i have tried to "speed read" and from what i have been able to read,i find his work outstanding. "qarbala,fact or fiction" is a favourite,because he dare to break the established factbased on lies . This is established facts based on bed time stories that most of talk about in private,but not in public. Dr shabbirs "Qarbala,fact or fiction" paves the way.While the hadithjunkeys ,high on their hadiths are busy declaring other people kafir,Dr Shabbir is active in spreading the knowledge and enable people to read,study and comment his work.He is confident and humble and reflect upon his own work. Salute . But i need more time to read all of his work.

Dr Qamar Zaman

i have read his book Saum recently.And i like it. I find his work original and he explained it well . I like the way he approaches a solution by dissolving established facts and then start from scratch .He is different and doing a great work.A muslim psychiatrist told me once: " Allah gave us the Quran so it could lead us to the light,But keeping us hungry for a month would lead us to the kitchen." I find Islam free for rituals ,and fasting every month would be a pointless ritual . Dr Qamars explaination is showing the deeper meaning with soam and Hajj.

G.A Parvez

This great scholar and original thinker IS MY TEACHER. But he didnt want us to become a new singleminded sect. I dont have to say anything further.As far as i know,he was not a no 19 lover,,,,, :P



The Kaaba has been repaired and reconstructed many times since Muhammad's day.This structure was destroyed (or partially destroyed) in 683, during the war between al-Zubayr and Umayyad forces commanded by Al-Hajjaj bin Yousef.Wikipedia

you would call it ORIGINAL no matter how many times its "rebuild",but in reality,it wont be the ORIGINAL kabah built by Abraham S .

you said : "The Kaabah was chosen to be a centre for mankind, not the ritualized “I am born again”"

Why would a pagan shrine be the centre for mankind? Why didnt other Prophet visit the Kabah?


Surely, those who reject the truth and bar people from the path of God, and from the Center of Divine Ideology, the Sacred Masjid, must know that We have appointed it for all mankind alike.

masjid al haram is for MANKIND,if it is a physical building,then SabeelAllah (Path of God )must be physical ?Mecca is not mentioned in this Aya,its MASJID AL HARAAM. it does not say masjid al haraam is in mecca.


Behold! We pointed the site of the Sacred House, Ka’bah, to Abraham, saying, “Associate none with Me, and keep My House clean of human dogmas

Al Bayt is FREE FROM IDOLATERS.if its kabah,it should be free for idols,,,,,Why do we have to kiss a black stone ?

why is masjid Al haram for mankind ,but Al bayt is free from idolaters ? how can it be the same thing ?Whats the difference ?



Those of little understanding among people say, “What has turned them from their Qiblah which they (the Jews) were used to? Say, “Unto God belong East and West. He guides to the Straight Path whoever wills (to be guided).”

YOU: This question arises from lack of knowledge otherwise the matter is not difficult to comprehend. Jerusalem is the national centre of Bani-Isr’ael and Islam is a call to all humanity. It is obvious that the centre of a Universal Order should be open to the entire world and not be confined to a particular nation or race. For this purpose, Allah has guided the Jama’at-ul-Momineen towards the K’aba, which is the straight path.

If "To God belong East and West"why not Jerusalem?? if its a NEW location,and the location could be in a pagan shrine,then why cant it be in Jerusalem ?Just because Jerusalem is Bani israels national centre,it doesnt mean islam cant be there. its Like Allah is angry and saying : "i sent all my prophets to bani israel but they didnt listen to me and now i have to move my house "I know israelis are kickin palestinians out from their houses,but it wont work with Allah,Mr Jawed .

We have seen your eagerness (O Messenger), therefore, We now make you turn to the Qiblah that is dear to you (for its Sublime objective). Hence, keep your Purpose focused on the MASJID OF SECURITY, and all of you believers, wherever you are, keep your Purpose focused toward it. And indeed, those who have been given the Scripture before know that THIS IS THE TRUTH FROM THEIR LORD. And God is not unaware of what they do.

"al-masjid al-haram" is "the truth from our lord". So our focal point should be the truth from our lord. the truth from our lord provides the principles around which we organize our lives. It is instituting the truth from our lord in our personal lives and govenment. So "al-masjid al-haram" is primarily an institution and not a superficial four walls and a roof.the "qiblah"/direction/goal is "al-masjid al-haram", and is defined as "the truth from your Lord". "Al-masjid al-haram", therefore, is "the truth from your Lord" which is a mental direction/goal and not a physical one.

Even if you were to place all evidence (verses) together to the People of the Book, THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW YOUR QIBLAH,AND NEITHER MAY YOU FOLLOW THEIR QIBLAH,NOR WIL THEY FOLLOW EACH OTHER'S QIBLAH If you followed their errant views after the knowledge has come to you, you will surely be among the wrongdoers.

How can u FOLLOW each others Qiblah,if it is a building ?

Take for your people houses in Egypt and make your houses into a 'qiblah', Establish the Commandments in your lives / hold the salaat. And give good news to the believers."

really ?

37;133. Similarly, Lot was also one of Our Rusul,
37;134. We saved him and all his followers from a great suffering (in which his nation was going to be involved).
37;135, 136. The rest of the nation was destroyed, including his wife who was among those who stayed behind and did not go with Lot.
37;137, 138. You pass by the remnants of their dwellings every morning and by night. Don't you ever think about it and realise the outcome of those who revolt against the Divine Laws?

you think Lot S lived in Mecca ?(ill have to study more to comment any further,dont want to let my emotions control me:P)

And what are you going to call me next time,perverty,oh sorry,i mean parvezi,,?
@ Admin,i tried my best to be brief :)

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