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Islamophobia in children text books
Date: Saturday, 17 April 2010, 7:19 pm

By Ahmed Quraishi:
While the Indians and unfortunately a minority of their apologists here in Pakistan demand that we change our history books and delete all references to why Pakistan emerged as an independent nation, and stop teaching our kids why Pakistanis have always been a nation in their own right for all these centuries, others a...re stuffing their books with hatred against us, on the basis of religion. See here how the 'secular' US educational system is being filled with wrong stereotypes about Islam to make the poor Americans hate all Muslims. Americans are good people and open to the world. But interest groups in power are deliberately trying to pitch them against an entire religion. We must ensure that we maintain direct contacts with Americans and keep them aware of the truth. Trust me, there is growing realization among ordinary Americans about what is happening around them.