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Prayers banned in old Spain Masjid
Date: Saturday, 17 April 2010, 2:32 pm

New York Times
World Briefing | Europe
Spain: Prayers End With 2 Arrests
Published: April 2, 2010
File:2002-10-26 11-15 Andalusien, Lissabon 182 C�rdoba, Mezquita.jpg

A group of Muslims tried to pray inside a Roman Catholic cathedral that was originally a mosque and then scuffled with security guards and police officers who tried to stop them, a Spanish official said Friday. Two of the tourists were arrested Wednesday night in the southern city of C�rdoba, a spokeswoman for the National Police, Rosa Ortiz, said. Ms. Ortiz said the two detainees were among a group of Muslim tourists from Austria. The Great Mosque of C�rdoba was transformed into a cathedral in 1236. Since then, except for rare exceptions, Muslim prayer rites have been forbidden inside.

File:Mosque of Cordoba Spain.jpg
The (Great) Mosque (of C�rdoba or Cordova), now known as Catedral de Nuestra Se�ora de la Asunci�n (English: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption) is a Roman Catholic Cathedral originally built as a Mosque on the place (and partly with materials) of what previously had been a Christian Visigothic Church in the Andalusian city of C�rdoba, Spain. It is regarded as perhaps the most accomplished monument of the Umayyad dynasty of C�rdoba. After the Spanish Reconquista, it was turned into a church, with a Gothic cathedral inserted into the center of the large Moorish building. Today the entire building is used to house the Cathedral of the diocese of C�rdoba in Spain.

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Prayers banned in old Spain Masjid
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