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Re: Another Dead Child-Bride
By:Dr Shabbir
Date: Monday, 12 April 2010, 9:53 pm
In Response To: Another Dead Child-Bride (Hakim)

Who can defend this crime? The rapist might be supported by the ignorant clergy who will shamefully quote the false Bukhari Hadith that the exalted prophet married Hazrat Ayesha when she was 9!


The beginning of the physiological cycles in a girl and nocturnal emissions in a boy are commonly believed to be their age of marriage. To the unfortunate Mullah, everything revolves around sex. A Hadith of Bukhari atrociously tells us that a girl can have Nikah (the marital contract) at 6 and the marriage can be consummated at age 9 since the exalted Prophet did that with Hazrat Ayesha! Is there any wonder that the West call him a child-molester? Why don't then the Sunnah-peddlers "marry off" their daughters at 6 and 9? Many countries set an arbitrary 16 years for the girl and 18 years for the boy. Had the exalted prophet violated the Qur’an once, his noble companions would have left him immediately.

The Divine Wisdom enshrined in the Qur’an makes things so sensible. It sets up three rational criteria:

1 - Sufficient maturity to grant consent.
2 - Ability to sign a legal contract.
3 - Competence to take care of one's own finances.

4:6 Train and educate the orphans well and test them. When they reach the age of marriage and attain sound judgment, release their property to them. The marriageable age shall mean attainment of physical and mental maturity when one can express free consent and legally make a solemn contract (4:21). ----.

4:19 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! It is not lawful for you to force women into marrying or holding on to them in marriage against their will. ---.

4:21 And how could you take the marital gift back from her after you have lived intimately with each other and after she has taken from you a very Solemn Pledge of the marital contract?

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