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Re: Zakat
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Friday, 9 April 2010, 3:44 pm
In Response To: Re: Zakat (Mohammad Rafiq)

The questions being asked were based on a flawed understanding of our place in the scheme of things. It is not about ME, ME, ME, but US, US, US. Zakaat is there to benefit society; individuals have to look after themselves, have a pension, educate their children, invest in their businesses, but this is a part of what they should do. If society is crumbling around them, then any investment in themselves will come to nought (or Hellfire, same end).

The Mullahs have clouded the Zakat issue with how many sheep or cattle you need to have to pay a ‘charity tax’ of 2.5%. This is not Zakaat, so anyone explaining the real meaning and how it benefits society to implement it, finds resistance or a ‘real world’ response.

The ‘real’ world revolves on its axis once every 24hours. It revolves around the Sun in 365 days. The animals, the birds, each follows [obeys] the laws [instinctive behaviours] programmed into them by Allah. The clouds form due to forces of nature etc. Man is the only creature to be able to go against the Divine Commands; he has free will to follow the right path or not. The ‘real’ world spoken of in the other post is not the REAL WORLD, since this would be one where Allah’s laws are ascendant; no manmade economies, no manmade constitutions [which do not even apply to their own people, less so to those who are water boarded abroad]. Hence the ‘real world’ is one that should be described figuratively as the path of Shaitaan, opposite to the Straight Path. When on this wrong path, the thoughts of those who do not quote profusely from the Quran are described as:-

35:6 Indeed, Satan is a foe unto you; so treat him as a foe. He only calls his party to become companions of the Blazing Fire.
35:7 For those who are bent on rejecting the Truth, is a severe retribution. And for those who accept the Truth and work for the welfare of others, is the protection of forgiveness and a great reward.
35:8 Can you think of him whose persistence in evil (blunts his sensitivity) so that he looks upon it as good? Surely, God lets go astray only him who wills to go astray, just as He guides him who wills to be guided. Therefore, do not waste yourself in sorrowing over them. Surely, God is Aware of all they contrive. [Laws of Guidance, 4:88]
35:9 And God it is Who sends the winds and they raise a cloud; then We lead it unto a dead land and revive the earth after it had been lifeless. Thus is the Resurrection (and revival of individuals and nations with Divine Guidance is an appropriate similitude).
35:10 Whoever desires dignity should know that to God belongs all Dignity and He is the Source of all dignity. Unto Him attain loftiness all noble words and ideas, and He exalts every act of beneficence. (That is how individuals and nations can rise in honor.) But those who plot to disrupt others' lives, for them is dire retribution, and their plotting is bound to come to naught. [14:24 Kalimatan Tayyebah = Goodly Word = Noble Ideology]

The ‘real world’ is a lost paradise!

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