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Virgin Births And The Crucified Saviors
By:Dr Shabbir
Date: Thursday, 8 April 2010, 3:56 pm

Virgin Births And The Crucified Saviors

On close examination of history, we find Jesus Christ in good company. Contrary to popular belief, Jesus shares some astounding similarities with many figures that were worshiped centuries before he appeared. It is incredible that even Christians are unaware of the SIXTEEN CRUCIFIED SAVIORS this very planet has been worshiping, and all of them were supposedly born to virgins. Jesus happens to be only one of those sixteen. Most definitely, the New Testament writers were influenced by the then circulating myths of the dying and reviving Sun-gods. Does Jesus represent the Sun-god? (Christianity before Christ - Kersey Graves)
Here is a brief resume of these Saviors:
Adonis - Syria
Apollo - Rome
Astarte - Carthage
Attis - Phrygia
Baal - Babylon
Bacchus - Greece
Balder - Scandinavia
Buddha - India
Hercules - Rome
Horus - Egypt
Jesus - Israel
Krishna - India
Mithra - Persia
Osiris - Egypt
Serapis - Alexandria
Yu - China
• Osiris was the Sun-god born to Virgin Ceres.
• Krishna - Lord Krishna (Chrish-na) of India was the 8th Avtar of India (1200 BC). His Virgin Mother Devaki had been overshadowed by the Holy Ghost (Naraan) of the Supreme God, Brahma.
• Serapis of Alexandria was born to Virgin Isis.
• Buddah was supposedly born to the married but Virgin Maya.
• Mithra the Sun-god of Persia belonged to the Church of Nativity (He too was supposedly born through 'Immaculate Conception').
• Attis of Phrygia was born to Virgin Nana.
• Jesus was supposedly born to Virgin Mary through Immaculate Conception.
• Hercules, a prominent mythical figure of the Sun-worship cult, was born to Virgin Prudence through Immaculate Conception.
• Bacchus was the Only Begotten Son of Jupiter through Virgin Semele. We also find historical references to the Grecian Crucified Savior, Bacchus Son of Virgin Minerva.
• The Sun-god Balder was called the Healer the Savior of mankind. Virgin Frigga conceived him of the All Father, Odin.
• In China, the Sun-god Yu was born to Virgin Shing-Mon, like all others, through Immaculate Conception.
Born in Stables or Caves
The make-believe birth of Jesus in a stable is no co-incidence. Astrologically speaking, at the time of the birth of the sun on Dec. 25th (as in the case of these 'Saviors' including Jesus), the constellation directly under the earth is that of Capricorn. This constellation is known as the Stable of Augeus, the famous Augean Stable in relation to Hercules. (Burrit's Geography of the Heavens)
Now, with extremely slight variations, here are the astounding similarities:
 All of them were supposedly born to Virgins.
 Their date of birth has been claimed to be about the same i.e. Dec 25 which is related to the birth of the sun in Astrology. So is the birth of the Sun-god according to the Sun-worship cults, around Dec 25.
 All of them were born in the isolation of caves, stables or barns.
 They toiled in sweat and blood for humanity.
 They were the "Alpha and Omega".
 All of them were God-incarnates.
 Most of them had twelve disciples.
 Most of these figures were betrayed by one of their own disciples.
 They were called Healer, Mediator, Light-bringer, Sin-Bearer, Savior, Deliverer, Anointed, and Messiah.
 All of them were called "the Lamb of God" that would carry the sins of mankind.
 They were vanquished by the "powers of evil and darkness".
 They washed the sins of humanity with their own blood.
 A "Passion" story is common to them.
 All of them rose again from the dead.
 They died on Friday before Easter Sunday.
 They rose from the dead on Easter Sunday.
 They had weeping virgins coming to their graves.
 Their graves were found empty.
 They mysteriously vanished from the earth going to the underworld or hell.
 Then they ascended to heaven.
 Churches and temples were built in their name.
 People were received into their religion by Baptism.
 All of them were commemorated by eating the God (Holy Communion, Eucharistic meals or Lord's Supper: "This bread is my flesh; eat it - This wine is my blood; drink it.")
 They were supposed to come back on earth once again. (None has)
 The birth of all Sun-gods was announced by a bright star. (In case of Jesus, see Mathew 2:9)
Further Points Of Interest
The three wise men following the bright star are called Magi in the Persian and Hindu paganism, and given different names such as 'The three enlightened, guided, bright, inspired, unique, high ones' in other cults. The origin of all the ancient Sun-gods is astrological, and not divine. (Burrit's Geography of the Heavens)
The concept of Madonna and the Child most assuredly came from Alexandria where the Virgin Mother Goddess and the Child Redeemer Horus had been worshiped centuries before Jesus Christ.
Virgin Mother suckling her Child is a very common figure in the Mithraic monuments.
Goddess Hertha was commemorated as a Virgin with Child in the old Teutonic days.
Zoroaster was born in 600 BC of Immaculate Conception to a Virgin by a ray from the Divine Reason. (Malcolm's History of Persia)
Pagan literature (The "Sky" Scriptures) is full of such "Divine" mythologies and leaves no room for doubt about the origin of the Church mysteries. St. Jerome, Tertullian and other early Church fathers admit: "Mithraism and Christianity are identical in all but name." (The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors - Kersey Graves)
Jesus was only taken as a substitute for Apollo of Rome - The same Immaculate Conception and Virgin birth, the same Birthday, the same Baptism, the same Eucharist, the Passion story, the Lamb, the same Descent into hell, Resurrection and Ascension, Atonement, the same Festivals, Easter-day merriments, hot cross-buns, eggs, "Sun-Day" the Day of the Sun, the same philosophy and phraseology. How many "sames" can I put in? (Primitive Folk - Elie Reclus)
Since the Apologia of Justin Martyr, the Christian clergy have been trying to dismiss these Sun-gods as representing the Devil, except Jesus. Unfortunately for them, undeniable historical and archaeological evidence survives to date of the existence of these cults and their temples. Still, if all these Crucified Saviors are identical in every respect, and all of them predate Jesus by centuries, we will have to admit plagiarism by early Christians, or conclude that the Supreme God and the Devil are identical as well. (The Sources of Christianity - K. U. Dean)
Did Anyone See God?
Exodus 33:20 And he [God] said, Thou [Moses] canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.
[But Abraham, Jacob, Ahab, Job, Samson's parents saw him. Genesis 17:1 and 32:24. Book of Judges 13:22. II Chronicles 18:18. Job 42:5. Israelites saw and met God. Exodus 19:11. And whoever saw Jesus saw God. John 12:45]
A Physical Impossibility:
As recorded in the gospels, all events, from the Last Supper up to the Crucifixion of Jesus, take place in one night. The agony in the Garden, the betrayal by Judas, the coming in of soldiers, Peter's three denials, Jesus brought before the chief priest Caiaphas, his edict, and the Sanhedrin (the Jewish Council), interview by Pilate and his washing of hands, going to the Hall of Judgment, the intermediate visit to King Herod and coming back again to Pilate, the dialogues, his trial at night, the uproar about whom to release, dressing up Jesus in purple, preparing a crown of thorns, his crowning, the scourging, the mocking, the preparation of a cross, the carrying of it by Simon, and the painful journey to Golgotha, Mount Calvary, the grabbing and nailing, the Passion, the breaking and not breaking of legs - all squeezed into one night - need a wild imagination to believe. (J. M. Robertson)
Was Jesus first killed and then hanged on a tree? The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree. Acts 5:30
Was Jesus a Black Man?
- Jesus was a black man. It is the Western White Supremacists who show him as a white man. Pictures and portraits of Christ by the early Christians always show him as black. According to the Bible itself, Jesus was black. Solomon 1:5 is proudly cited by the clergy as a reference to Jesus:
Song of Songs 1:5 I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.
If Jesus stepped into a church today, he would, at the least, meet with frowns and vilifying gazes. (Ancient Art and Mythology 1870 - R. P. Knight)
- The fact of Christ's non-whiteness is borne out in the historical record, and in biblical scripture. Right off the bat, the Book of Matthew describes Mary and Joseph fleeing to Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod. Egypt is in Africa, and is populated by brown-skinned people. For my money, this would be the last place on earth I would go to hide a white baby from an angry King.

The earliest renditions of Jesus, painted by the first Christians called Essenes in the catacombs of Rome, depict a person with brown skin. During the time of the Roman Emperor Justinian II, a gold coin featuring an image of Jesus was minted. This coin, which can be seen in the British Museum, depicts a man with demonstrably non-white features and tightly curled hair. Finally, there is the Book of Revelations, which bears out the crafting of the Essenes and the Roman coin-makers by describing Jesus as having hair like wool, feet the color of burnt brass, and who resembled jasper and sardine stones. Jasper and sardine stones are both brown, as is burnt brass. (The Passion of the Americans - William Rivers Pitt)
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